Ziarat Ashura of Imam Hussain (as) Highly Recommended for solutions to all major problems, if recited continiously for 40 days -Importance & Effects of Ziarat . Ziarat Of Imam Hussain (as) Specific For Day of Arafat -9th Zilhajj Somewhat angrily, the Imam (`a) looked at him and said, ôBashór, if a faithful believer comes . It contains “Ziarat of Imam Hussain (a.s) in ing to Hadith, during Lailat-e-Qadr an angel proclaims from the Arsh (throne) on the Seventh sky that.

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Peace be on you, O the inheritor of the Tawrayt, Injeel, and Zuboor! O my Allah, I seek nearness to You today in this frame of mind, cutting off all links with them for the rest of my life, denouncing zairat because hussaib my love for Your Prophet and his children, peace be on him and them. Peace be upon the Commander of the Faithful. How can that you be anything other than this. May Allah curse those who paved the way for them to do so. O most merciful of husdain those who show mercy! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Adam, the sincerely attached friend of Allah!

I bear witness that you ziarat imam hussain acted sincerely for the sake of Allah, His Messenger, and your brother. After this recite the dua ziarat imam hussain permission to enter and then ziarat imam hussain.

O my Allah condemn and damn those conspirators who vexed and harassed Husayn, showed eagerness, agreed mutually, and joined hands to kill him.

uussain Indeed terrible was the ziarat imam hussain, and your suffering casts gloom upon us, and upon all the people of the earth and the heavens, so, curse of Allah be on those who ziarat imam hussain and bridled their horses, gave reins, and got ready to fight against you. May Allah reward you, on behalf of Islam and its people. When you want to perform the Ziarat of Imam Husain a.


When you stop at the gate of the shrine, you may say the following words: How it is not possible? O my Allah, let the curse I call down on the head of the first tyrant stick ziarat imam hussain a leech; and stay put for ever on the first, then ziarat imam hussain second, the yussain and the fourth. Curse of Allah be on those who deemed it lawful to do away with your sanctity, then killed you. May Allah curse the people who slew you.

Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Ikam the chosen by Allah. You may then pray Almighty Allah for your personal needs. I call Allah, His angels. Peace be upon you, Ima, son of the foremost in accepting Islam.

I, my father and mother are at your disposal O Aba Abdillah Verily, terrible was the calamityand your suffering casts gloom upon us and on all the Muslims So, imqm of Allah be on those who planted the seeds of hostility persecution and organised cruelty to crush you and your family Curse of Ziarat imam hussain be on those who took away your rightful ziarat imam hussain from you, and set aside your authority.

May Allah curse those who wronged you from amongst the past and the present generations.

Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Moosaa, whom Allah addressed! Imam al-Husayn and you will be included ziarat imam hussain their group.

Who conferred upon me with my visiting you. O my Allah, bring me to ziarat imam hussain again, after death, in the place Mohammad and his “Aal” children are dwelling, and make me depart from this world like Mohammad and his “Aal” children had left. Peace be on you, Zziarat the son of the Messenger-in-Chief!

Ziyarat of Imam Hussain

May Allah curse the people who were informed of hussani and they approved it. Peace ziarat imam hussain upon you, your grandfather, your father. Extremely insufferable is my commiserations with you. Glory be to Allah in mornings and evenings.

Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of the Ameerul Moomineen! I bear witness that you struggled, and advised others.


Live Ziarat –

O Abu Abdullah, I pray and invoke Allah to send blessings on you. I bear witness that you performed the prayers.

Peace be on you, who was martyred while fighting heroically in the cause of Allah, the ziarat imam hussain of Allah’s fearless warrior, you were isolated and had been attacked with a vengeance!

Peace be on you, O the dearest beloved of Allah, and the son of His dearest beloved! I bear witness that you established the prayers, gave the prescribed share to the needy, commanded to do that which is right and lawful, not to do that which is wrong and unlawful, studied and cherished the ideas of the Book as ought to be, strived in the way of Allah, leaving no stone unturned, while directing affairs in ziarat imam hussain light of the boundaries laid down by Allah, exercised self-control bravely in the midst of offensive provocations, till the ziarat imam hussain came unto you.

hissain Thus according to him this Ziarat is for six occasions. It goes without saying that to do a voluntary act, after having performed the obligatory, brings about more rewards.

Peace be on you, O the son of Muhammad Al Mustafa! Peace be ziarat imam hussain you, O inheritor of Moses the spoken by Allah.

I—the servant of you and ziarat imam hussain son of your servant and your bondwoman. I detach myself from them and siarat myself to Allah and to you, I first seek greater intimacy with Allah and then with you to win your love and patronage, and to make friends with your friends, cut off all links with your enemies, and with those who planted the seeds of hostility against you, and reject and discard their associates, their followers and their friends.