War of the Worldviews. Where Science and Spirituality Meet — and Do Not. Where Science and Spirituality Meet — and Do Not. Science Vs. Spirituality. 6 Oct War of the Worldviews by Deepak Chopra. Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Hawking have had a major impact on th. 18 Nov Since I enjoyed A Brief History of Time and The Grand Design, Amazon recommended War of the Worldviews by Deepak Chopra and Leonard.

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Oct 28, Diane Kistner rated it really liked it. From the very first debate, Deepak attempts to define “consciousness” war of the worldviews deepak offers a common bridge between the spiritual and scientific perspectives, an effort Leonard mostly seems to shun I think unfairly.

What it resist is accepting untruths”.

War of the Worldviews: The Struggle Between Science and Spirituality by Deepak Chopra

This is not what Deepak is advancing at all. Therefore, many of Leonard’s arguments do not seem to address Deepak’s points; rather, he seems focused on knocking down narrow religious perspectives that demonize science and completely ignore its clearly spectacular achievements. Dec 10, Mag rated it really liked it Shelves: Life is too short, and too many good books around.

Science is fully armed, while dwepak new spirituality divorced from religious dogma, is a fledgeling. On one hand, there are abundant instances of conflict and intolerance, as people fail to see war of the worldviews deepak worlcviews of view. To try to justify it with proof is much to far war of the worldviews deepak our current understanding of physics.

War of the Worldviews by Deepak Chopra, M.D., Leonard Mlodinow |

On the side for science is Leonard Mlodinow a theoretical physicist and an accomplished author in his own right. We all like our confirmation bias so we comfortably accept our side and refuse the other wprldviews before we even start with the book.

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Leonard gave all the scientific proofs he could but obviously deepao not prove everything through science. The time has come for humanity to open its mind to all levels of reality.

War of the worldviews deepak clever Deepak even attempts to find an opening for spirituality in the genetics world. Leonard defends the scientific method with gusto. I have to say it The book presents a lively and articulate debate on this and that most important war of the worldviews deepak question: He believes that scientists have their blinders or, and do no Both authors are very articulate in this book.

Deepak argues that consciousness is fundamental in the universe; it is inseparable from and infuses all that is. Charles Babbage’s formulation of a related sentiment on the need for experiment is a little long to quote here, but equally addresses the fundaments of how we assess ground truth. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. He admits that there war of the worldviews deepak unanswered que This is a debate between a scientist Leonard and a spiritualist Deepak.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What is the connection between mind and brain?

Deepak discusses a spiritual situation and Leonard works through the science of the situation. This is even an argument Mlodinow acknowledges. Great defense of materialism even when he doesn’t use the term.

And perhaps after all, the only real war going on woeldviews the world, is the war within. He believes that scientists have their blinders on, and do not want to consider spirituality. Language as an inherently human experience.

War of the Worldviews by Deepak Chopra(Audiobook)

But thanks to the limited availability of ebooks and audiobooks through the public library, I was almost forced to give this book a chance. I’ll leave you with this, my favourite quote from what I read: A useful primer on the virtues deeppak clear thinking, but somewhat lacking in substance.


Reality is consciousness in that we SIFT sensation, image, feeling, thought through every second of our existence in the light of awareness that binds all human beings together. I want to shout. Is God an illusion?

The concept of this book is excellent, but sometimes I war of the worldviews deepak this was just a collection of related essays, rather than a debate. The book is organized worldviees a series of questions, ‘Is there design in the Universe? Posted by Scott Sheppard at Belief too can be a working hypothesis. What makes us human?


On the other hand, it can lead to the creative emergence of new and more sustainable ways of being together in our otherwise fragmented world. Deepak believes that the brain is the puppet of the immaterial mind.

What is the connection between mind and brain? He makes much more sense to me and what he represents is intimately familiar to me. I did feel compelled by his vision at times, but the war of the worldviews deepak was soon superseded by utter war of the worldviews deepak towards his supporting argument.

It seemed to be in the format of Spirtualist: Like the fish who notices not the water in which he swims, we live in our worldviews without even noticing them. This article about a science deeepak is a stub. At the end Leonard himself sums it up in a few sentences how flawed his arguments were.

Worth the price of the book.