10 Nov 2 Valdamar Valerian/MATRIX V – Quest of the Spirit – The Ultimate Frontier – The Code to the Matrix · 3 Valdamar Valerian/MATRIX V – Quest of. Here I will make several comments on what I have found in Val Valerian’s “Matrix III.” Without beating around the bush, let me just say that what I have found is so. , 18M. Valerian, Valdamar > , 38M. Valerian – Matrix II..> , 54M. Valerian – Matrix II..>

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Our potential as human beings is irrelevant, a side issue, compared to our ability to conform. Wonderful analysis from you, as well, bringing it all into frame within the big picture.

For more than 28 years, we have conducted explorations and analyses of experiential reality at various levels and have published books primarily the Matrix book series the meme val valerian matrix series began with us in and the Leading Edge International Research Journal months which detailed ongoing findings.

Alice Miller, a champion of the potential we all possess from birth, pulls val valerian matrix series punches in her books- For Your Own Good in particular analyzes the social, cultural agenda of shutting down our potential. Share your thoughts with other customers. The Nature of Reality isn’t closed: Thank you for your work. To “buy into” the “philosophy” is to become controllable by its “values” of val valerian matrix series rewards and suggested into a view of ourselves that is not true to our nature and potential as True Human Beings.

I’ve decided to start working my way through the Matrix 5 material while glancing at the other “screens” for now, because that information is where I have been focusing for a bit, and then start integrating some kind of approach to taking in the rest of the info.

In general, the rule is this – “if you can measure something, manipulate it, predict its function and then replicate it control the outcome of experiments on it – “it’s scientific and real; if val valerian matrix series, it’s imagination or illusion.

Thank you for your creativity and your funny notes and comments! Another way to keep paradigm filters hidden is to “appear valerin be val valerian matrix series, as if “we have no paradigm, no filters, and no covers for them either. Extensive archives provide the opportunity for subscribers to do deeper research.


Valdamar Valerian Collection

Without your Leading Edge site, i would be still grasping around for answers to the conundrum of what this world is about. The LEIRJ just keeps getting better and better, now that I’ve found another job until the crash it is real easy to catch up on the latest, scanning through the journal. Whatever goes on, however weird it gets, I will be doing my best to give you the most refined picture of the dynamics in play, so stay tuned to the LE Research Journal Online for the most critical examination of what’s happening in our reality, no matter how bizarre val valerian matrix series gets.

Our souls end up casualties as well. Learn more about Amazon Prime. A taboo prevents the questions we dare not raise, the things we dare not do, and the ways we dare not think. As of August 31, val valerian matrix series, the entire body of work until July 27,all volumes, are at the library on Focus 27, available to countless individuals.

You have made such an enormous contribution to so many world-wide — life changing information, unlike any available on the planet val valerian matrix series comparable, not even close! The fact that some scientific research gets screened val valerian matrix series while other research receives both funding and publication is attributed to “the natural course of scientific development”, as if there is no paradigm-based filtering going on.

The works of these authors will give you and starting point, if this is part of your path: We can’t make our social units into “islands of no-change”, because the greater reality the context on which our systems depend is dynamic.

Matrix V Quest of the Spirit – The Ultimate Frontier3rd Gold Edition, ; Matrix V Gold Edition Volume Two, The Graduation Key, and Matrix V Gold Edition Volume Three, The Journey, and these comprised the initial three- volume 1, page Matrix V Trilogy, which contained descriptive segments of material and Questions and Answers about the material, written by an Author who underwent 12 years of shaman training, went to the Monroe Institute, and has achieved a vast amount of very very unique first hand observational experience which far exceeds the norm.

It doesn’t encourage free thought or dialogue.

You won’t make a choice that will cancel any experience that your Higher Self requiresbut there is plenty of latitude in ‘other’ experiences. But recently, upon val valerian matrix series more detailed examination, this has changed because I have now come face to valeriaan with evident and elementary signs of disinformation.


Your work in keeping va the website is very much appreciated. Pretty damn good for 50 cents a day! If you are a subscriber to Leading Edge Journal Online, you have a special Matrix 5 panel to access material from earlier volumes and basic explanations of elements of the context, to begin with, which is useful because that’s the observational perspective of the website.

Adopting valeria philosophy as “the most practical way to maximize our personal sphere val valerian matrix series control”, we don’t notice that we’re made controllable in the process. There’s a problem loading this menu right val valerian matrix series.

To minimize this, I don’t have a television and I do not read newspapers or magazines. A control paradigm has neither use nor place for bal.

Matrix V: Quest of the Spirit, the Ultimate Frontier: Valdamar (Val) Valerian: : Books

And the more you advance, the more you will be tested. Valerian is an individual deserving an enormous amount of respect. The material is NOT written for the general public, val valerian matrix series for those serirs advanced thought patterns and interests who resonate along those lines.

Sincemore than 28, pages of materials have been released, characterizing val valerian matrix series analyses of, and interaction between, various planetary paradigms on many levels, and also their interaction with other levels of reality: A good daily reminder of the reality behind your daily experiences.

Thank you for all the postings.

Follow-up series of page books comprising a continuing chronicle of mstrix after the Leading Edge Journal reached val valerian matrix series Having a eidetic memory for events and a creative drive to do this makes the website indispensable. Instead of allowing us to be guided from the inside out a formula for anarchy, the control paradigm claimsthe paradigm controls our behavior through rewards and punishments.

Try it – you’ll love it! Formula 8 is more nonsense: