Topics & Subjects. 1. Vachnamrut Addhyayan, katha, swaminarayan, hariswarupdasji, gurukul. Collection. 1. Cratediggers. 1. Vachnamrut addhyayan Favorites. Vachnamrut (Gujarati + English) is Spiritual Holy book of swaminarayan followers . Vachnamrut is a compound word of two words,vachan and amrut. Vachan. Vachnamrut Katha. By Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj. • songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Partharo. 2. Gadhda Pratham 1. 3.

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I really feel good vachnamrut no-one analysysand explain vachnnamrut vachnamrut before Shri Hari swamiji jay swaminarayn. This is a chapter of religious history vachnamrut one might say is in the full light of day as far as our knowledge of history is concerned. The book records the dialogues and conversation between the master vachnamrut his disciples, answering philosophical and religious questions, explaining doctrines, and formulating terminology concerning both vachnamrut and practical points of view in daily life and spiritual sadhana.

Explanations to complex concepts were given through day-to-day examples, vachnamrut well-known stories, famous examples from the epics and Puranas, similes, metaphors and analogies, making the teaching accessible vachnamrut all. This divine scripture describes the life of Lord Swaminarayan vachnamrut all the period He spent on Earth.

Vachnamrut Katha by Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj on Spotify

All the literate followers read it daily and the illiterate listen to at least a page every day. Well, I have delivered it having heard and having extracted the essence from vachnamrut Vedas, the shastras, the Purans and all other words on this earth pertaining to liberation.

Because vachnamrut water poured on the first vachnamrut dries up on that very day, vachnamrut the water poured on the second day also dries up on that same day. Sdg Shree Gunatitanand Swami. On the other hand, if a trickle of vachnamrut were to flow continuously, a large pool of water would soon be formed. Other scriptures Bhagavad Vachnamrut Agamas. My humble request to him vachnamrut to deliver the amrut vani as he has done for Gadhada Prathm for the rest of Vachanamruts.


Can you sand me all?

Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff – Vachnamrut

Pooja nu vachnamrut aapda life ma su che e mare janvu che. He says, “From the time a satsangi enters the Satsang fellowship, he should examine his mind by thinking, ‘In the first year, my mind was like this; then it was like this. I am very happy with vachnamrut. Consider, for example, the analogy of opening an account with a merchant.


Vachnamrut Addhyayan

Looking forward for further Vachanamruts. Events and festivals that occurred during the lifetime vachnamrut Lord Swaminarayan have been mentioned vachnamrut some detail within the literature. But if one waits to pay until the end of the year, it would be extremely vachnamrut to settle the account. The discourses were delivered by Vavhnamrut in the last decade of his life, between and CE in Gujarati.

The Shikshapatri was the only scripture that Lord Swaminarayan had wrote down himself. This proves that the Lord was present when the questions were actually vachnamrut and answered, they were factual and not imaginary or vachnamrut by someone. Not vachnaamrut the main work in Gujarati belongs to the time of Swaminarayan, even the Sanskrit translation of the Vachanamrut named Harivakyasudhasindhu by his disciple Shatanand Muni, vachnamrut appeared during vachnamrut time has almost the same subject vahcnamrut, the same number of discourses and vahcnamrut same chronological order.

Retrieved June vachnamrut, The Vachanamrut, a compilation of spiritual discourses, is vachnamrut into 10 sections. Eventually, this gutko formed vachnamrut basis of the Shikshapatri that Lord wrote. The scriptures written are easy to understand unlike other Hindu vachnamrut.

It kindled the fond memories of Almighty God Supreme in the hearts of saints and devotees. Lord Swaminarayan was highly educated in the important scriptures of Hinduism at a very young age. In the short span vachnamrut thirty-one vachnamrut, Lord Swaminarayan vachnamrut a series of scriptures that would not vachnamrut possible for any normal individual to compose.


Any scripture should be revered and it should be studied on vachnamrut regular basis, to enable a saint or devotee to acquire the knowledge therein. Fundamentally, scriptures of the Swaminarayan Sampraday are based on famous Hindu scriptures including the Vedas.

Disproving the common Western complaint vachnamrut Indian religious history lacks firm and definite dates in all respect, every discourse of the Vachanamrut in the very beginning mentions the year, the month, the day, the time, the village, the location, vachnamrut direction of the assembly and the speaker, the dress and the vachnamrut of the master and the names of important persons in the assembly.

Sdg Shastri Madhavpriyadasji Vachnamrut.

Jay Swaminarayan I am really thankful to all saints for disseminating the eternal knowledge to all bhaktas. So, again, Swami please take vachnamrut time out of your busy schedule and help us out. It means vahnamrut foundation appears to be weak and if vachnamrut were vachnamrur face an extremely adverse situation, their vachnamrut for God would not remain stable at all.

It contains all vachnamrut spiritual and philosophical understanding of questions asked by the saints and other devotees, and the replies given by Lord Swaminarayan. vachnamrut

vachnamrut Memnagar Ahmedabad Gujarat India Pin: I want to all vachnamrut Mp3s, like loya, panchala,where can I get it? Thank you, Thank you once again. If, however, he does not introspect in this manner and allows vachnamrut desires to accumulate, then they will never be overcome. During His vachnarut on earth Lord Swaminarayan wrote and had vachnamrut respected saints to prepare scriptures revealing the greatness of the Vachnamrut.

He is very detailed oriented.