This article is about the book. See also: The Saturn Theory. The Saturn Myth ( ) is a book by David Talbott, which proposes that ancient myths and tradition . Intrigued by Velikovsky’s claim that Saturn was once the pre-eminent planetary god, David Talbott resolved to examine its mythical character. “I wanted to know,” . 31 Jan Intrigued by Velikovsky’s claim that Saturn was once the pre-eminent planetary god, David Talbott resolved to examine its mythical character.

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And I think you included this condition as one of the “verifiable” tenets of the thesis. Publication has fallen many years behind the consolidation of a thesis. He claims, with complete assurance, that Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter traveled very close to Earth within human memory.

Additionally, some twenty-three scholars were interviewed extensively at the symposium in Portland, Oregon, to add perspectives on Velikovsky.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. When Carl Sagan says that extraordinary claims require extraordinary levels of proof, I think I can agree with him.

The Saturn Myth by David N. Talbott

It is quite clear that he is projecting a very davie Century 3D model of the Solar System at times when he should be thinking about what those people could actually SEE! Sylvin marked it as to-read Jul 04, The model begins with an apparently stable or quasi-stable collinear system, with Saturn occluding the terrestrial view of Satunr, Venus appearing in the center of Saturn, and Mars appearing inside of Venus.

External links Twitter Facebook Discord. The world mountain, the cosmic tree and other mythological aspects are explained in scientific terms. Add the imminent passing of the millennium and you have a situation that couldn’t be more ripe for feeding public fascination and anxiety.

Now this clearly isn’t very promising research! The basis for the book’s claims rely on recurring tales in mythology regarding ancient archetypes and formulates a cosmological answer for the many similarities between these myths.

The celestial environment was intensely alive with activity, things that are not happening today.

There is no mention of a reprint in the book whatsoever, in fact. For one thing, the celestial forms associated with the evolving configuration are more diverse than I had ever dreamed when writing The Saturn Myth. Around the world the first stargazers drew surprisingly similar pictures of things in the sky — things that do not exist today. Perhaps the most interesting aspects of the account is the unification of symbolism not merely on meaning, but also in the most unintelligible aspect: Venus as central eye, navel, nave of the world wheel.


Under our approach, questions of dynamics talbort simply held in suspension as the daid argument unfolds, since it is the historical argument, not physical theory, that raises the question in the first place, and daivd the historical argument can verify the ancient experiences to be explained.

Magnus Blanchus added it Jun 24, Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. To add as a note, I think the kind of theory put forth by Talbott is what one may rightly call a historical-materialist theory of mythol I’m a sucker for rationalist theories, and when someone can come up with something that unifies not just one, but many fields, I can’t say I find it hard to fall right in.

Sampathkumark marked it as to-read Jul 04, I think we will want to take the time to consider a wide range of variations on the underlying idea. It was his opinion, on the basis of the gods’ characters and biographies not late, or remote, or speculative planetary associationsthat they were Mars figures — a particularly interesting conclusion because neither figure is popularly associated with Mars.

On these fundamentals there is an unexplained accord, a stunning integrity of ancient testimony. But only a few thousand years ago myth making man was responding to a completely different world.

Refresh and try again. Return to Book Page. The book examines similar tales in comparative mythology and states that thousands of years ago, earth was a former satellite of Saturnand that a vastly different solar system alignment existed.

With the evolution of the configuration, then, the colors associated with the participating planets are:. Not a single aspect of the Venus archetype will find support in the present positions and movements of the planets. Bhut marked it as to-read Mar 10, Lorenzo Romero-borrett rated it really liked it May 05, In the short term, this is a disadvantage but, in the long term, the shifting forms of the configuration will provide an incredible advantage of specificity: Kia marked it as to-read May 19, One of the most fundamental differences separating our approach from mainstream theory is that we are claiming that planets interacted dynamically at very close distances.


One of the trends certainly seems to be a growing interest in catastrophism in general. This proto-Saturn, devoid of its current rings, was much closer to the sun.

The Saturn Myth – David N. Talbott (1980), Kindle

It has proved interesting but very hard reading. That would, perhaps, account for Venus presently possessing the most circular of orbits. Read reviews that mention david talbott saturn myth ancient god historical waturn physical planet sun correct cosmic earth later scientific velikovsky civilization solar ancients based mythology.

Anyone who is interested in science in the desire for truth knows we in fact know an incredibly little amount of what the world materially is and how it functions. The moment accredited researchers begin to entertain ancient myth as evidence for unusual natural occurrences, it becomes a new ball game. Jan 09, Hyperion rated it liked it Shelves: Perhaps the worst of it is the idea that we have lost sturn when gravity talbott longer dominates the universal structures, yet what the common scientist and pop-science aficionado is not aware of is that we lost gravity since the revolution of telescopic astronomy caused the physics models to begin introducing new parameters to offset gravity when it became clear that it did not talboty the universe and could not explain it.

Can you tell us what you’ve been working on this past year? This still leaves the problem of disentangling the maze of correct and incorrect identifications made through half tye dozen stages of syncretism. Share your thoughts with other customers. To verify an ancient experience through a historical argument does not exclude scientific inquiry in the least.