TB 43-0211 PDF

3 Dec This publication supersedes TB 43‐, dated 01 December 30 April TB 43‐ FOREWORD The Army Oil Analysis Program. TB ()AOAP:USER’S GUIDE-NONAERONAUTICAL EQUIPMENT [ US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. APPENDIX A. AERONAUTICAL EQUIPMENT-continued – TB TB Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) Guide for Leadership and Users.

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In the long run, it improves readiness by reducing the number of not mission capable NMC equipment items and enhances safety. Sub menus will open and enrolled equipment will be the last choice in the list.

TB 43-0211

When delivering a sample directly to ttb laboratory, fold the completed Oil Analysis Request form in half, wrap it around the sample bottle and secure it with a rubber band. Major subordinate command, division, and brigade commanders that operate or provide maintenance support to aeronautical and non-aeronautical equipment and components listed in the LIW AOAP web site shall: Remove the tubing from the dipstick opening.

Foster commercial presentation Education. Release the oil by removing your finger from the top of the tube. At the Commanders digression, grease samples from certain aircraft components may be sampled. Enter the name of the laboratory supporting your unit. This applies for routine samples and special samples. Equipment in storage or in the low usage program. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Self Explanatory a Major Command. The two samples should be taped together with both bottles containing the exact information labels see figure 7.

If this falls on 1 Apr, you may sample that component up to 6 days 10 percent of 60 days prior to 1 Apr or up to 6 days after 1 Apr and still be within prescribed guidance. Getting your samples to the lab as quickly as possible ensures you receive your results when you need them. Establishes integrated, predictive maintenance approaches, which minimize unscheduled repairs, eliminate unnecessary maintenance, and employ the most cost-effective maintenance health management approaches.



Should oil get into the pump, 43-021 the pump apart and clean each piece thoroughly with appropriate 43-2011 solvent. The most readily available source for information and assistance is your supporting AOAP laboratory. TMor Depot Maintenance Feedback to the laboratory is essential to refine evaluation criteria, increase the accuracy of laboratory predictions, and to recommend design changes in those major components showing an abnormal failure rate through AOAP.

This applies to aircraft engines, transmissions, and gearboxes only.

TB Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) Guide for Leadership and Users Manual

Immediate sampling after oil addition will not be representative of the oil system until complete mixing of the old and new lubricant has taken place. The AOAP is instrumental in minimizing unscheduled maintenance and repairs, enhancing safety and operational readiness. Oxidation, if allowed to continue, leads to increased viscosity and the formation of varnish and sludge. This depends on the method used. For aeronautical samples, the maximum laboratory response time is 24 clock hours one work day and 72 clock hours three work days for non-aeronautical oil samples.

Clean up any spills. The value of an oil sample is wholly dependent on whether the lubricant has circulated in the component long enough to accumulate and mix wear metal concentrations uniformly. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.


Place the Oil Analysis Request forms in a plastic bag and lay it on top of the bottles or wrap each individual Oil Analysis Request Form around the plastic bag containing the sample.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The non-aeronautical sampling bottle is a 3-ounce plastic bottle. Ensure percent enrollment of equipment under their command. Replace dipstick and clean up any spills. The sampling interval varies for different categories of equipment. May we hold samples until we get a full box?

The organization will also change oil at the appropriate hard time interval in order to keep the warranty valid. Place a finger over the tip of the tube and withdraw it from the reservoir.

Units shall maintain an adequate level of sampling supplies t hand to meet routine and deployment requirements. Enter the address of AOAP regional laboratory. Ensure that AOAP laboratory recommendations are promptly followed.

Cold weather may cause the oil in your equipment to be too thick for the oil sampling pump to draw oil into the sample bottle or for the oil to flow freely through the sampling valve into the sample bottle. What is laboratory response time? Are DA Forms R issued for resamples and oil changes? If it is not possible, a 10 percent variance prior to or after the schedule date, hour, or miles for sampling is permissible for aeronautical and non-aeronautical equipment.

Do not use bulk mail or parcel post.