Comics Nagraj comics free download collection html Super Commando Dhruv comics collection free download free . 13 Oct The common man’s hero from Raj Comics who was created by Mr. Anupam Sinha. He became the most popular hero of raj comics after Nagraj. 17 Mar All the old comics which consist 30 to 32 pages, in those comics Druv played the role of detective and superhero.

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Virus who takes on Nagraj and Parmanu states that he had to shift his base from Rajnagar to Delhi for the fear of Dhruva.

They tried to introduce some new facets to the character. Because you’re new to wiki editing, we sent your submission off to our moderators to check it super commando dhruv comics.

Chandika has inherited her brother’s fighting style. Dhruva could shoot either of them with just a pull of a lever as against the older days when he had to take them out of his belt pocket and then super commando dhruv comics them manually.

Nagayana Series – Part 3 [24]. Five years later, inRaj comics published a page epilogue to the iconic 8-part series, thus laying a foundation for sequel to Nagayana, Mahanagayana. Over the years, Dhruva has sjper an iconic status in the Indian comic book superhero genre.

Retrieved 23 June The merchandise did not become very popular and eventually super commando dhruv comics out of production because of various reasons including lack of marketing, not licensing their characters to other more established merchandising companies and instead keeping the rights to themselves and not making these merchandise widely available in the open market super commando dhruv comics dhduv India through distributorship.

Sinha, during the Skper Comic Con festival, recalled: It is a story based in A. It was a deluxe edition that contained the reprints of the debut issues of Nagraj and Dhruva on jumbo Nagayana Series – Commanso 4 [25]. As opposed to Vera, Nakshatra tried to kill Dhruva’s father I.


Since then, Dhruva has only been seen in the special issues. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Gaurav Kumar marked it as to-read Jul 15, Dhruva chose to carry on his struggle against crime choosing Rajnagar as the base of his operation. Dhruva has no inherent superhuman powers.

Super Commando Dhruva (Volume) – Comic Vine

He would not have Dhruva kill anyone as dommando wanted Dhruva to be a role model for young kids, his main audience. Instead, as Wright pointed out, he prefers to sport a “solid-looking helmet of hair”.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sinha was very sure about one thing: DhruvaAnthony, Ins. We didn’t want to copy. Dhruva Digest 3 [32].

Super Commando Dhruv List of All Published Comics Till Now

Dhruva often indulges in healthy sibling rivalry, leg-pulling super commando dhruv comics playing pranks with his super commando dhruv comics Shweta and loves his foster family very dhruuv. Sinha dhrjv Dhruva to become a role model for the kids. Fantasy does not interest you all that much. In latethe publishing company decided to combine the serial numbers of all its General GENL and Special SPCL issues, as a result of which the serial number of the titles jumped from close to to above 2, This table lists all Raj comics titles featuring Dhruva in chronological order.

Super Commando Dhruv List of All Published Comics Till Now

City without a hero series – Part 3 Released in paperback and a special limited edition hardbound collector’s edition.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the late s, after the initial success of NagrajRaj Comics wanted another superhero for its titles. He was not solving cases anymore, but was saving the world from bigger threats. This was due to the fact that this issue was written by Sanjay Guptathe writer of Super commando dhruv comics, and not by Sinha. He wanted to show the kids that one can super commando dhruv comics tough as well as well mannered at the same time.

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Thus, Super Commando Dhruva was born: Spanish writer Chris Wright summed up the review for Dhruva – “It’s hard to find fault with Super Commando Dhruva – he comucs completely nuts in the best possible way. Star-blade, star-line and motorbike are so significant to the character’s identity that often, even before Dhruva himself breaks into a crime scene, a flurry of star-blades, a star-line or the sound of Dhruva’s special bike announce the arrival of Dhruva.

Star-blade is Dhruva’s personalised shuriken like razor sharp weapon. In the early part of the s, Raj comics was very popular. Nagayana Series – Part 1 [22]. Spanish columnist Wright noted that Dhruva “has co,mando MacGyver -like ability to use a paper clip or soup spoon to defeat enemies”.

As a budding scientist, she constantly provides Dhruva with innovative gadgets that prove super commando dhruv comics helpful to Commwndo during his fights.

Rajiv Chadha rated it it was amazing Oct 11, More so since Chandika Shweta has gone out of India to pursue her studies. Super Commando Dhruva became a very popular character soon after his introduction in Indian comics. Dhruva dhurv super commando dhruv comics developed the ability to hold his breath for 20mins. Raj comics started publishing these free strips on their Facebook page in