Sri Sai Leela – Old Sai Leela Archive- Experiences of Sai devotees- Historical documentaion of Shirdi Sai baba’s life, spiritual interaction with His devotees and . 11 Nov Om Sai Ram, I dont know whether you can get hard copies of Saileela Magazine, But you can read up saileelas from here. 1. Shirdi Sai. 28 Nov Hi, I am very eager to read Sai leela Magazine published by the Sai Sansthan, Shirdi. But I found only the recent editions are translated to.

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This was just a reminder to me that the next day entlish Krithiga, the day of Lord Subrahmanya. Badrinath is mtrs. The statue of Sai Baba was before me. The two air hostesses rushed to the cock-pit. On inquiry, we were told that due to snow ahead the horsemen had refused to go ahead asking the pilgrims to go walking.

There I was allotted a room to stay with a partner. The wife narrated everything in detail.

Vijaya Bhaskar January Through fear of Him rises the Sun. While they were all asleep fire broke out in the forest, peela with summer heat and began to burn down Braja. Please do forward this mail to the devotees of Shri Sai. After finishing the lunch, he got up and at his own accord, came out with an offer of a platinum ring with ‘Baba’s Emblem’ over it.

Shirdi Sai Sai Leela magazine historical archive onwards

Thenceforth Baba instilled unwavering faith in me. When that is the case with a devout and religious minded soul like our Swamiji it can better be imagined how the sceptics and atheists respect the above mentioned incident in the life of Lord Krishna as unbelievable and as a figment of the imagination of the author, sage Veda Vyasa.


This gave me enormous relief and strengthened my belief in Baba. Ramachandra Rao November He went home and asked his wife to tell the truth.

In this great joy, we returned to Joshi Math and next morning, started back for Rudra Prayag in order to take up the other route lo Kedarnalh. But the subtle difference lies in the depth of sincerity with which you feel His presence. Baliah, the head of the party was so immensely happy that he took out a ten rupee note to be presented to the stranger, who helped the party to safety.

The new assignment was not much appealing to me in the beginning when compared to my previous post. What I am just at this moment when I am writing on this subject is the effect of the sum total of all the impressions that have been left in my mind by each and all the works that I have done in my pastlife and that is why I experience Sadguru Sai in my practical life without having a blind faith.

The doctor could not diagnose my disease even after giving treatment for a month. The husband was frightened. He became, in course of time, the Mamlatdar of Kopergoan and earned the reputation of an honest and efficient officer. By this time my little pooja room became a place of worship sao many simple devotees of Sai Nath.

We should make it a habit to say “Let us do this, let us do that” etc. Things were going on like this for sometime. Haphazardly I made arrangements to go to Shirdi. My children have to go back home. It inspires me to cherish the desire of my life’s goal and fills my heart with reverence. With great joy and heart-felt cheerfulness I prostrated before my “Shri Guru Maharaj. Sai Baba’s one of the leels being “If you look at me, I look at you”.


I shall be active fnglish vigorous from the t9mb also. We have to be aware of His presence. From now on the climb was very steep ft.

But how to overcome the mxgazine debacle? Somehow, on reaching Shirdi, I decided to stay separately, and I did. It has become my real Baba in the House. Here I desire to make myself more clear. Jyoti Premamurthi November With the blessings of Sai, Annasaheb Dhabolkar alias Hemadpant has undertaken this precious work and could complete without any hitches. His father was too well known as an athiest and he continued to walk in the foot prints of his father.

Lrela that curious juncture, I just looked around at other devotees, who were holding very costly and grand garlands and wished in myself that I would be fortunate if Baba accepted my garland first before that of any one else, although mine was not so grand as those of some others nearby the rostrum. Gopichand spent restless days wnglish sleepless nights. Kindly send all your feedback and requests to Dr.