SAE AS standardizes the requirements, practices and methods to reduce counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. It provides Requirements and. SAE Technical Standards Board Rules provide that: “This report is published by AS REV. A. Issued. Revised. Superseding AS 20 May SAE counterfeit standards, AS, AS, AS, ISO, counterfeit electronic component detection, counterfeit electronics.

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Assessment sae as5553 be a survey, audit, product alert review, and a review of the supplier quality data to determine performance. There are four basic types of packaging: Contact us at info eagleforceinc.

This is one of the many aerospace additional requirements that must be addressed to prior to approaching certification. A Corrective Action system that actually works. PS Counterfeit Parts Prevention. So the question is what safeguards sae as5553 you or your organization have in place to mitigate those risks?

Additionally, a new term, authorized source, was defined relative to the purchasing process and includes suppliers who exclusively obtain parts from an OCM. Stop sae as5553 parts from entering the supply chain, your inventory and designs with AS The Purpose and Application sections of the Scope were merged to provide clarification that the intent of the document is that sae as5553 be used as a supplement to the requirements of a high level quality standard e.

It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel. Report a part to ERAI? Learn more about the course and our money back guarantee here. A failed Sae as5553 Component or Product, Motor, or Motor Part does not mean the instance was caused by a counterfeit part.

Assurance actions may include surveys, audits, review of product alerts, and review of supplier quality sae as5553 to determine past performance. Used parts may be sold with a limited warranty.

SAE AS5553: Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, & Disposition

These companies are reviewed and approved by the original component manufacturer. Defend yourself against unneccesary risk of sae as5553 or installing counterfeit electronic parts The AS standard helps purchasers of electronic parts to establish and implement a control plan to reduce sae as5553 risk of counterfeit parts from being installed or entering your inventory.


Arcadia became certified to AS soon sae as5553 its registration audit December 5, Sqe have a truly robust management system ad5553 needs to be a suitable documentation system.

Eagle Force Consulting has developed templates along as553 lines to facilitate the development of a sae as5553 system. In order to minimize the risk of procuring counterfeit parts the sae as5553 document should include requirements to ensure conforming, original, and authentic parts are provided.

Assure authenticity and conformance of procured parts. The primary complaint of most organizations is lack of senior management support.

ERAI Important Announcement – AS Rev. A Counterfeit Parts

Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition. AS addresses fake component issues for sae as5553 areas of the electronics industry. If not ferreted out prior to printed circuit board assembly, counterfeits can undermine the integrity of an OEM’s finished product costing s or even thousands of times the amount associated with the standard cost of the counterfeited item itself, not sae as5553 mention the potential damage to brand and customer relationships.

The parts supplied originate from the OCM to the aftermarket manufacturer or an aftermarket manufacturer using the OCM tooling or intellectual sae as5553 produces the parts. The parts are subsequently assembled, tested, and qualified using processes meeting the technical specifications without violating the intellectual property rights, patents, or copyrights of sae as5553 OCM.

Maximize availability of authentic parts. These publications shall be in effect as of the sae as5553 listed. Purchasing sae as5553 perform some level of risk assessment if the supplier or subcontractor does not maintain zae documented counterfeit part control plan compliant to the AS Standard. AS is your solution. When great causes are on the move in the world Arcadia AS Registration Certificate. Insofar as any of the publications referred to herein conflict with the requirements of the specification, aas5553 specification shall govern.


Suspect or counterfeit parts are placed on a nonconforming material document so the items may be identified and segregated to a nonconforming part location, reference QP — Control of Nonconforming Material.

Independent distributors do not have aw5553 agreements or obligations with OCMs. The electronic component requirements for the product may be identified from a review of the Sae as5553 purchase order, specification, or flowdown requirements. Management Review, when done properly, will have dramatic positive effects on the organization. When sae as5553 distributor does not provide products in this aae, then for the purpose of AS, the distributor is considered an independent distributor for those products.

Once top management sees that this management system is actually geared toward improving competitive advantage, top management support is never an sae as5553. The sae as5553 of processes, their sequence and interaction, along with defining how a process is know to be effective is a key step in developing an aerospace compliant system. Eagle Force Consulting has developed a highly effective Corrective sae as5553 Preventive Action methodology. On a side note, SAE International sae as5553 developing AIR which is intended to serve as a standardization document with regard to terms and definitions used throughout various counterfeit-related SAE standards.

ARP is designed to provide guidelines for implementing a counterfeit mitigation program per the requirements of AS This tool Strategic Business Breakout is designed to provide management with the methodology to manage this ongoing project. The scope of the AS standard covers:. Don’t be caught unaware. Many sae as5553 struggle with driving the objectives down to the process level so that all the players understand what they must do to achieve the goal.

Contact us to discuss how AS sae as5553 benefit your organization.