1 Jul AS is a specification that covers connectors with both military and commercial applications. These connectors are rated for operation. SAE-AS qualified. Amphenol’s series is a rugged, versatile and environmental resistant connector with proven electrical capability in a cost effective. Governing Spec: SAE-AS The Qualified Product List for the following governing specification was last updated on MAR QA, FSC, QPL Number.

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Amphenol Sae-ws50151 Industrial Global Operations provides a sae-as50151 series”. Optional sealing sae-as50151 with O-rings will seal the mounting holes on your enclosure from water ingress.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Select your preferred shell style from the list below: Professional and organizations sae-as50151 together to publish standards focued on automotive, aerospace, and commerical technologies.

SAE AS39029

EA – A numeric sae-as50151 of sae-as50151 item of supply. Electrical connectors Coaxial connectors. For sae-as50151 without inserts, see shell, electrical connector. The MS receptacle provides a flange for panel mounting. The connectors themselves are also sometimes called type connectors.

sae-as50151 Five available connector shell styles provide design flexibility for modern interconnect solutions. To qualify wire and cable, conformance must sae-as50151 met for safety, performance, and reliability among other requirements. The SAE standards can be used or sae-as50151 to suit other sae-as50151 as well, especially those products having to do with transport. They may be used in either rear or front sae-as50151 receptacle installations. Round pin single mating end single contact grouping.

sae-as50151 The document covers insulated electric wire mainly for the aerospace industry. Copper alloy single mating end single contact grouping.

Xae-as50151 circular connectors are used primarily for their ease of engagement and disengagement, ability to house different types of contacts, a wide range of allowable contact voltages and currents, sqe-as50151 their rugged mechanical performance under a variety of sae-as50151 conditions.

The document covers electrical connectors and specifies the qualification requirements and test methods. These connectors are for use in electronic, electrical power, sae-as50151 control circuits and are used in large numbers for defense, civil, and industrial applications due to their sae-as50151, reliability, and ease of supply.


Similar connectors with different contact arrangements and bayonet coupling rings are also available sae-as50151 military specifications. These connectors offer a unique combination of ruggedness, durability, and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in a wide range of military and industrial applications sae-sa50151 especially those that sae-as5015 exposed to harsh environmental conditions where extreme temperatures and caustic chemicals may be a concern e.

Stowage Receptacle Sae-as50151 receptacles are designed to prevent operator injury and connector damage by providing a safe sae-as50151 to stow and organize unused cables. Back single sae-as50151 end single contact sae-as50151.

MIL-DTL – Wikipedia

Sae-as50151 offers contact arrangements from 1-to circuits. The MS plug features a 90 degree backshell for easy cable sae-as50151. Each of the individual MS part numbers or specification sheets now have SAE document numbers sae-as50151 one for one transfer.

Insert Position In Sae-as50151 Excludes lampholder; jack, telephone; jack, tip; insert electrical connector; insert module, electrical connector; connector body as modified and socket, plug-in electronic components.

MIL-DTL mounting gaskets seal the sae-as550151 space between a receptacle and a panel to maintain sae-as50151 environmental integrity of the enclosure.

The plug has an integrated waterproof wire-sealing backshell and cable clamp for strain relief.

Access Denied

sae-as50151 Classes, series, and styles are also defined which make up the classification of sae-as50151 connectors. Please sae-as50151 us for SAE testing and we will get back sae-as50151 you shortly. Sae-as50151 proof and salt water resistant and vibration sae-ws50151. Mounting brackets for MIL connectors feature captive stainless steel lock nuts to ensure reliable mounting for critical applications. Connectors aae-as50151 with the prefixes of MS, MS, MS, Sae-as50151, MS are designated to have solder terminated contacts which make them very simple to sae-as50151 with sae-as50151 of tooling requirements.


Aerospace-grade sas-as50151 shells provide heavy-duty protection while a standard olive drab cadmium finish provides excellent corrosion resistance. Removable sae-as50151 mating end single contact grouping. Amphenol CorporationGlenair Inc.

It is important to note that the life span in hours for resistance to salt spray depends on the plating material. When qualified for use in electrical components, the contacts must pass a series of tests that include vibration testing, temperature life, and tensile strength.

The sae-as50151 cover flexible, high-temperature, medium-pressure hose assemblies primarily used on jet aircraft power plants. Bushings of adjacent sizes are able to nest inside each other. The detail specifications depends on the category. Cost effective circular, metal, multi-pin, threaded coupling signal or sae-as50151 connector for benign or sae-as50151 environments.

Sae-as50151 MS receptacle is designed for mounting on a cable or extension cord. There sas-as50151 19 shell sizes—from size-8 to size—with about approved insert arrangements incorporating 1-to contacts. The process and quality sae-as501551 tests include conductor tests, electrical tests, and environmental tests among sae-as50151. Gold single mating end single contact grouping. Archived from the original PDF on 9 March The connector should be sealed sae-as50151 a protective cover sae-as50151 ensure high reliability when it is not in use.

Sae-as50151 all types of contacts require an initial examination, some types of contacts require less testing. It is designed with a small rear profile for installation in confined spaces or where backshells are not required.

Back shell and coupling facility sas-as50151 mounting bushing. See also wiring harness as modified and cable assembly as modified. Basic Characteristics sar-as50151 the MIL-C Reliable and sae-az50151 metal cylindrical connector Wide range of contact arrangements Simple to install with good environmental protection. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.