11 Apr Want to work in Japan? You’ll need to get your Japanese resume ready for applications. Check out our guide to writing a Rirekisho. A rirekisho (履歴書) is a document used to apply for a job in Japan. While most dictionaries would translate it as “resume”, Japanese employers have become. Japanese Resume (Rirekisho) Forms. Posted by LP. In Japan, there is a standard format for resumes/CVs. It’s called a 履歴書 (rirekisho), and employers outside.

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June 21, at Men typically wear a dark suit with a conservative tie. While Daijob offers you the ability to create an online resume in order to apply to job postings, this article will explain the nuances and characteristics of a typical Japanese rirekisho.

Sorry it took me a while to get around to answering. Just because other people have applied to what I can assume are some of the most closed minded companies in Japan and have been rejected for not being born a Japanese native, does not mean that you will. Otherwise, leave it blank.

After traveling around for a while, I found my home in Tokyo. Get your resume ready for hiring season. Anonymous 1 November at Very useful advice in this particular article!

How to Write a Japanese Resume

The red, circled numbers are for explanatory purposes and will not appear on the rirekisho itself. The work history is written chronologically just as the school history. It starts with basic information under the current date 1 including your name 2stamp 3date of birth, sex 5phone number 7and address 6.


Use an official email address, not the one of your cosplay persona or your lost childhood. Since some companies have multiple branch offices across the country, you can indicate your preferred work location here.

If you have hobbies that leave a good impression, even better. In addition, wear a suit in the photo to keep it professional and ensure that make-up is kept conservative if you are a woman. As such, be very accurate with your academic entries.

But this is just my opinion.

We’ve hosted forms in a couple formats here at AccessJ:. Make sure that everything you write in here is relevant to your job. Traditionally, a rirekisho should be written by hand in black ink, with no sign of correction tape or fluid. The employment history section of a rirekisho also typically states the reasons for leaving a previous position. You like soccer maybe it taught you teamplay or leadership skills? Another odd, Japanese question. Her age is in parentheses.

Rirekisho – The Japanese Resume | John Turningpin’s Mad Tokyo

October 29, at 1: They will call you by the name you write first. Skills, reason for application, rorekisho. I really appreciate the clarity and detail of your explanations. Do you still remember?

Remember to fill in the furigana. Use advanced keigo when possible, but rather than making a mistake, stick to more simple polite Japanese expressions. In fact many machines let you pay with your train pass.

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I would be very grateful!

How to create a Japanese resume/rirekisho – The Daijob Advice Board for Working in Japan

Madelaine After traveling around for a irrekisho, I found my home in Tokyo. Actually I really want to find a job in Japan and I want to tell them that I rirekieho go to Japan for the final interview, if they want. The guy saying all the that bs along with “because I’m Japanese ” is full of dog crap. The method of notation in this section is rather straightforward, and uses the Japanese calendar system mentioned above.

THE Advice board for working in Japan. Alleviate your Japanese job woes!

In my case, I did not finish my second degree but went on to work so I am not sure what to put. Blank resume forms can be purchased at any convenience store, and rirdkisho at department stores and grocery stores, too. Useful template and explanation, thanks. I have gotten multiple job offers and multiple jobs in Japan at Japanese companies with a printed resume.

This is a good primer.

If during your education you earned certificates or diplomas you can indicate them here. The Japanese resume — Guide to Writing a Rirekisho.