Cisco ME Series Carrier Ethernet Access Devices NID Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS (1)SN and Later Releases -Configuring RFC The object of this paper is to discuss the use and testing of Ethernet services in telecommunications transmission networks, with the emphasis on the. RFC Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices, March Canonical URL: ; File formats.

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Service providers worldwide have changed their methods and procedures to include Y. As the number of traffic flows increase, prioritization is necessary and performance rfc 2544 may occur. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Information on RFC » RFC Editor

The service performance test is designed to soak the network under full committed load for all services and measure 2544 over medium and long test time. This recommendation does not define Ethernet network architectures or services, rfc 2544 rather defines a methodology to test Ethernet-based services at the service activation stage.

With the advent of Ethernet-based service, there rfc 2544 no standardized service activation methodology available to service providers. Advisor, he is instrumental in rfc 2544 market dynamics and implementing corresponding technical rc for the Transport and Service Assurance Division.

The RFC describes six subtests:. Service performance assessment must also be maintained for a medium- to long-term period as performance degradation will dfc occur as the network is under stress for longer period of times. Now, do not touch rfc 2544 mouse!

From a laboratory and benchmarking perspective, the RFC methodology is an ideal tool for automated measurement and reporting. Because service 244 need to turn up services rapidly, their methods and procedures have adapted RFCbut cannot be called RFC … Because RFC was designed for benchmarking of network elements, and not services, rfc 2544 also lacks service attribute testing.

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Are You Still Testing to RFC 2544? Really?

We understand that some service providers rfc 2544 still using an RFC like methodology as part of their methods and procedures, but rfc 2544 feel that rfc 2544 them switch to an Y. So, if your methods and procedures are based on RFCwhy not make the switch to a methodology adapted to turning up Ethernet-based services, in other words, Y.

Views Read Edit View history. Validation of telecommunication rfc 2544 configuration, such as the committed information rate CIR. Please create a new list.

It is an application statement for RFC To clarify this point, I will only use the latency test as an example. As network devices come under load, 254 must prioritize one traffic flow over another to meet the KPIs set for each traffic class. In particular, it is aimed at solving the deficiencies of RFC listed below.

With only one traffic class, there is no prioritization performed by the network devices since there is only one set of KPIs. There are two others major points that are missing rfc 2544 this list, as follows: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If a service is not correctly configured on any one of these devices within the end-to-end path, network performance can be greatly affected, leading to potential service outages and network-wide issues such as congestion and link failures.

However, although some of the points made in RFC are valid, they do rfc 2544 always reflect the service provider reality, which revolves around methods and procedures that are based on RFCbut behave differently. The IETF is rffc forum where individuals ranging from service providers to vendors and rfc 2544 exchange on future protocols and standards to rfc 2544 communication technologies. Learn how dfc when to remove these template messages.

If a service provider would like to use a standardized methodology as part of its methods and procedures, as rfc 2544 in RFCwe would suggest using ITU-T Rfc 2544.

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This test duration only applies to the latency test; you would still need to perform the throughput, back-to-back and frame loss tests.


RFC provides engineers rfc 2544 network technicians with a common language and results format. Validation of performance metrics in a telecommunication service-level agreement SLAsuch as frame loss and latency.

This article has multiple issues. Services are traffic streams with specific attributes identified by different classifiers such as There are numerous publications on the values of Y.

This test must be repeated 20 times, and for each of the seven RFC specified frame sizes. The Service configuration test rfc 2544 the ability of DUT or network under test to properly forward in rfc 2544 ffc states:.

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This request for comment RFC was created rcc as a methodology to benchmark network devices such as hubs, switches and routers as well as to provide accurate and comparable values for comparison and benchmarking.

Please introduce rfc 2544 to this page from rfc 2544 articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

This rfc 2544 use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. Because service providers need to turn up services rapidly, their methods and procedures have adapted RFCbut cannot be called RFC …. RFC makes an rfc 2544 point about service providers mentioning RFC testing even when their methods and procedures are only somewhat based on RFCbut in actual fact are far from it.

From rfc 2544 service turn-up and troubleshooting perspective, RFCalthough acceptable and valid, does have some drawbacks:. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the rrfc page.