6 Oct If you want to learn how to run the Air Raid offense but don’t have time to search all over the internet, here are 11 of the top Air Raid offensive. OFFENSIVE PLAYBOOK. Introduction Running and Passing Plays are Complimentary — Our offense is a system, with the running game .. It means studying your playbook — we can’t afford any mental . Pro Right 26 Sweep, On One, On One, Ready – Break To play a pressuring style of defense, gambling that their. 27 Oct While your FlexBone and Wing T sections are growing your Pro Style offense is quietly getting bigger and better too!.

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Sometimes we coaches over complicate a simple thing and the resulting confusion leads to poor execution! They can be installed at any level and are simple to teach and execute. Follow him on Twitter smartfootballemail him at chris [at] smartfootball dot pro style offense playbook, and check out Smart Football on Facebook. Looking forward to hearing more about the Pro Style Spread Offense.


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Im the oc for a pro development team Id like to get more info on this style offense. They all rely on getting the ball in the hands of your top athletes every play. All slants is the one step answer to everything. The Defense is probably pto pro style offense playbook common defense in football today, especially in the NFL.

I found this great Air Raid Playbook resource over at winwiththepass. What makes it so appealing is that it has been proven to work at all levels.


The Shakes concept is a classic 2-high safety beater that has worked for decades. E ver wonder how you can get your players playing more confident and attacking offensively? The difference between the fast screen and the slow screen is that the fast is perimeter only and getting the ball outside now. I like the idea of reading a LB in coverage and running a Pro style offense playbook Power or QB Iso and the qb just watches to see if the LB reads run and attacks, then throwing either a hitch or seam behind him.

Check out the free playbook at the top of the page and this new article has a full 5 day Installation https: The Pro style offense playbook is the 2-punch to the stick when teams try to sit hard on it. The Pistol Offense was designed in at the University of Nevada.

I like a pistol formation because the quarterback playbolk closer to the line and the back gets more of a power rushing start downhill. All Verts If you pro style offense playbook the talent that can run and jump on and a QB with a gun for an arm, this is the Air Raid play of your dreams. Again this is another route concept that teams at all levels and offensive styles have adopted into their systems.

Free Football Playbooks

Our team ended up with a record and lost two of those games to crazy last second plays! These are playbooks from teams and coaches in NFL History. I love hearing feedback and suggestions for more content! The first couple of pages of the gameplan include the usual scouting reports and notes coaches provide their players: Posted in the Category: Recent posts Pdo Science of the Post: Either way, you can build a great pro style offense playbook plan just for him.

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Quality Over Quantity My new mantra this year was to simplify and get really, really good and a few core play. Drag, Cross and Grab.

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, First of all, it is a combination of an old school power running game with the modern spread offense. These files contain information about all aspects of the Passing Sstyle.

Get Simple: Running the Pro Style Spread Offense

If you need a good possession down, Stick is hard to ofense when you get a great personnel matchup. Categories Categories Select Category blogpoll books business chase stuart coaching defending spread defending the spread defense dialogue draft features football history game management gameplanning grab bag grantland notes offense option pass protection passing podcast quarterbacking stle game pro style offense playbook SRS stat pro style offense playbook stats teams of interest Uncategorized wildcat.

Pick plays are a good example of this that man teams have to really work to defend.