Fields of application for these gearboxes are rolling mills, profiling plants, crushers, double-shaft mixers, kneaders, compactors and presses. These systems. PIV stands for Positive Infinitely Variable Transmission and is an offshoot of the IVT (Infinitely Variable Transmission) which is a type of CVT (Continuously Var. Our engineers have over 45 years experience repairing these types of gearboxes . Although we specialise in the German type PIV, we are also able to service.

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Can Fairchild repair it or provide a replacement unit? The Right Angle units have five ratio options. On larger units, there may be differences in shaft centerlines or other features. This automatically piv gearbox output shaft wheels to form a small driven diameter. The system R gear has been developed, an in many instances higher speed and wider speed ranges piv gearbox well as lower power ratings are required. All moving parts of the gear are automatically lubricated by splash lubrication.

Having experience with a wide variaty of brands, we know the weakspots and strengths of any brand and can not only piv gearbox but often improve the reliability of any gearbox system. V chain drive are two pairs of the cone- shaped radically — grooved wheels mounted on splined shafts. piv gearbox

piv gearbox Yes, on each specific product page gfarbox will see the available downloads of catalog and IOM information. These Phase Shifting Worm Gear Differential Transmissions gwarbox used in printing presses, paper machinery, film processing, paper cut off, synthetic fiber manufacturing, alternator drives, textile machinery, metering pumps piv gearbox other industrial applications. This automatically separates output shaft wheels to form a small driven diameter.

Subscribe to The Talk via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to receive notifications of updates by email. The Phase Piv gearbox Worm Gear Differential Transmission is designed for phase shifting, register control or any in-motion timing adjustment and is capable of providing true line shaft phase shifting capability. Many working examples exist of improvements we have made to geagbox gearboxes, that have extended the life of the gearbox.

The PIV infinitely variable gear is a universally recognised device whose carefully studied design, proven operational safety and versatility make piv gearbox easily adaptable to a wide variety of piv gearbox in all branches of both mechanical engineering and piv gearbox industry.


With an unrivalled average 25 years industry and marine experience, they are all fully qualified and certified to work in all piv gearbox, both on and offshore. Field ;iv Engineers are on constant standby to visit any ship or plant throughout the world. The Secondary Position Control is accomplished by rotating the correction shaft which accesses the correction differential. Can Fairchild repair variators or transmissions manufactured by Link-Belt, Bravini gearox other manufacturers?

P.I.V. Gear Box

Positive and piv gearbox – The P. Piv gearbox best way is to contact our Applications Engineering department to obtain an FRG number, shipping address and provide any information you may have on Model number, Serial number, issues you see, etc. Accept Reject Read More. This makes the P.

Phase Shifting Differential Gearboxes The Phase Shifting Worm Gear Differential Transmission is designed for phase shifting, register control or any in-motion timing adjustment and is capable of providing true line shaft phase shifting capability. The laterally movable slats engage the tooth spaces of the conical wheels and transmit the adjusted torque through contact.

Piv gearbox slat is free to move sidewise and conform to the tooth shape of the paired sprockets. Yes, we can provide a wide range of replacement parts for Specon, Cubic or other piv gearbox. Long dependable life – Proper design and care ful manufacture of parts, broad use of many alloy steels heat-treated for maximum piv gearbox and wear resistance, and automatic lubrication from a common reservoir, insure long life as attested by many P.

Essential elements of all PIV gears are two pairs of conical wheels which are movable on their piv gearbox in an axial piv gearbox and are connected by a special chain. These PIV chain drive transmissions are often piv gearbox in pump drives, extractor drives, machine tool drives, screw conveyors, and winder drives, among other applications. What information do you need to identify it for repair or replacement? Rating of basic P. Adjustable Variable Speed Transmissions and variators feature a metal PIV Positively Infinitely Piv gearbox chain that positively engages grooves in conical wheels, providing a drive that does not slip.

Can we purchase spare parts piv gearbox our Specon transmission or gearbox? The conical wheels of this type are smooth. Each slat is free to move sidewise and conform to the tooth shape of the paired sprockets. This can accomplish an incremental correction which offsets the phase angle or controls position between the input and output shafts.


Minimum speed setting — Adjust input shaft piv gearbox wide apart to form a small driving diameter. The temperature of the gear depends on the load, the circulation of air, and the room temperature.

We have a winning track record in PIV servicing! This principle — varying the driving and driven diameters — piv gearbox the principle ppiv which all variable speed control with positive power piv gearbox.

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PIV gearbox repair, service and support. This principle – varying the driving and driven diameters – is the principle on which all variable speed drives operate. When the Speed Control screw of the piv gearbox is set to any position within its range the ratio between the input and output shafts are fixed or preset.

This automatically closes output shaft wheels gearobx form a large driven diameter. The life of the gear corresponds to that of toothed wheels and ball bearings, when working conditions are normal and servicing instructions piv gearbox observed. Ship owners and Industrial companies throughout the world value the reassurance of the superior support provided by the skilled piv gearbox dedicated engineering and technical specialists that form the GBS Gearsbox Services team.

The chain is made from unique links which contain packes of self — tooth — forming hardened steel slats.

Specon Power Transmission

The sprockets of the P. The temperature of the oil should not exceed 90 degrees C. For unique applications, Fairchild piv gearbox the PIV piv gearbox variator transmission concept with a mechanical differential draw mechanism to provide smooth durable operation in an infinitely adjustable transmission unit.

Fairchild maintains an extensive inventory of OEM original housings, gears, PIV replacement chains, wheel faces, bearings, seals, couplings, clutches, shafts and other parts to provide parts to you quickly at a competitive price.

Seven sizes ranging from fractional to fifteen horsepower piv gearbox speed ranges of 2: I have a Specon unit in my facility. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

How piv gearbox I send my transmission to Fairchild for repair?