– Buy Modern Physics and Vedanta book online at best prices in india on Read Modern Physics and Vedanta book reviews & author. 3 Mar Vivekananda spoke about the interchangeability of matter and energy 10 years before Einstein published his papers. Social Philosophy of Vedānta: A Study of the Upaniṣads, Bhagavadgītā, Brahmasūtra, and Śaṅkara’s Commentaries on Them.P. George Victor – – K.P.

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Physics and Vedanta – 1/6

Swami Vivekananda epoch – maker spiritual 7. Materialism prevails in Europe today. In Einstein propounded that there must be a ‘hidden variable’ somewhere which is responsible for this icertainty. Till then Vedanta philosophy had remained divided into vedsnta watertight systems: I am to go and see him next week, to get this new mathematical demonstration.

Physicists thought they knew everything in the universe and there was nothing new to discover. He was Henry David Thoreau, an outstanding name in the intellectual and social circles of American life in the midnineteenth century.

The thought behind our body is called soul, and thought behind the universe is called God. The age-old Vedic conception of the universe as passing through cycles of creation sristisustenance sthitiand dissolution pralaya was looked down upon as mythological by modem science until the s. I can hardly call this book only an introduction to the subject since it has packed with information in a very scholarly way.

Discoveries in modem Physics, especially the discoveries from the beginning of 20th century, are making it more and more evident that many of the conclusions of Modem Physics are exactly the conclusions of Vedanta philosophy enshrined in the Upanisads and countless other Vedantic texts. Mesons or medium- weight particles and Baryons or heavy-weight particles.

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The heat energy seemed to be radiated in fixed amounts of packets. AIl religion is going beyond reason, but reason is the only guide to get there. Each atom, says Vivekananda, reflects the whole universe.

Vedanta and Modern Physics

It is impossible to speak about the motion of an object without reference to some stationary point or place.

Realities like electron in the subatomic world have always an ‘omnijective’ existence for the physicist, that IS, the objective reality is inextricably connected with the subjective consciousness of the scientist. Schrodinger goes deeper and rejects, contrary to most western scientists, the idea that -Quantum indeterminacy plays no biologically relevant role in them. It is the sower of all science It means that it has no absolute existence.

Jeans also speculates that this four dimensional space-time universe in all probability contains more dimensions which are not perceptible to our senses. But the very fact that we know that so much universe remains unintelligible to us itself is an amazing achievement of science.

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Could you explain in a nutshell Newtonian Physics? The modem way is ‘harmonious development’! Each packet is a unit of fixed energy and this packet is known as a photon and has all the characteristics of a particle.

They only did some mathematical calculation based on some assumptions. Wherever there is contradiction there is relativity, there is Maya. No description or even conception of this state is possible’.

Whitehead said, ‘But it is the observer’s body that we want, and not his mind It looked as though modem physics had settled down to a clear-cut understanding of the uhimate building block of the universe, like that provided by the atomic models of Democretus and Dalton.


Some clever guys even create new words and phrases when they are lost to explain certain dualities observed by them; then they go in search of those entities, which they created through their sheer imagination.

He moddrn the motions of heavenly bodies and their mutually attractive forces, assuming that they move in a rigid frame of space and an irreversible time axis. One was the attempt to apply the Theory of Relativity to quantum phenomena, first attempted by Paul Dirac who physic the field concept of electron.

He seeks to know not just life as he experiences it but how the hidden parts of the universe work and fit together. You are arguing against the quantum theory as your opponents argue about your relativity theory’.

If this is true, both must have the same underlying reality. Only way for any robot to learn about humans is to observe humans. It is this discovery which, This epoch-making discovery made astrophysicists conceive of the universe as undergoing expansion after a primeval exposition which they called the ‘Big Bang’. The double slit experiment explained earlier was updated slightly, instead of two slits, there was only one slit.

Many western physicists like Heisenberg, Schrodinger and others have been aware of these parallelisms. Swami Jitatmananda Born