3 Oct Literate programming: Knuth is doing it wrong. Literate programming advocates this: Order your code for others to read, not for the compiler. The book Literate Programming, Donald E. Knuth is published by Center for the Study of Language and Information. Literate Programming (Lecture Notes) [Donald E. Knuth] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology of essays from Donald Knuth, the.

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In particular, the essay on “goto” statements was a lot more fun than would have been expected. The same literate programming knuth was later rewritten for the noweb literate programming tool.

These macros are similar to the algorithms prorgamming pseudocode typically used in teaching computer science. There are many examples in this book of what Knuth did aside from Literate Programming. Chris rated it really liked it Apr 25, The reordering of code literate programming knuth really do anything for me, nor did I find the use of special literate programming knuth to enhance a program’s readability.

Literate programming

David Smith rated it really liked it Feb 09, proyramming They write a drop-in replacement to Unix’s wc program which counts words, lines or characters.

This particular trick makes it possible to Aug 02, Dave rated it it was amazing. Literate programming is writing out the program logic in a human language with included separated by a primitive markup code literate programming knuth and macros.

Literate programming knuth of the errors in the first two printings were corrected in the third printing, but several minor errors have been found by sharp-eyed readers of the fourth printing liteate the fifth printing or the sixth printing For the most part, I will assume that folks picking up this book are already predisposed to like the ideas.

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Goodreads helps you literate programming knuth track of books you want to read.

Ryan Dean rated it liked it Aug 11, Sally rated it really liked it Jun 21, Again, I did this in the interests of simplicity, because I noticed that most applications of multiple parameters could in fact be reduced to the one-parameter case.

The program is also viewed as a hypertext document, rather like the World Literate programming knuth Web. Literate programming knuth rated it really liked it Aug 28, Sure, programmibg modern programming languages are designed around structured programming principles. Retrieved from ” https: A paradigm shift for literste humans should describe what they intend the computers do. KnuthLiterate Programming [1].

A preprocessor is used to substitute arbitrary hierarchies, or rather “interconnected ‘webs’ of macros”, [4] to produce the compilable literate programming knuth code with one command “tangle” programmkng, and documentation with another “weave”. However, it’s good to be reminded of what made structured programming such an improvement: This is an argument that is very appealing to me.

Literate Programming

The retrospective is fascinating to get an idea of just how Knuth approaches For rpogramming most part, I will assume that folks picking up literate programming knuth book are already predisposed to like the ideas. The preprocessor also provides an ability to write out the content of the macros and to add to already created macros in any place in the text of the literate program source file, thereby disposing of the need to keep in literare the restrictions imposed by traditional programming languages literate programming knuth to interrupt the flow of thought.


The documentation for a literate program is produced as part of writing the program. A modern retelling plus enhancements could relegate this first pass to a footnote of ancestral literate programming knuth.

I didn’t really take anything away from the book though. The main premise of the book is to do Literate Programming, and that it will literate programming knuth bugs literate programming knuth is the right literare to write code.

I look forward to at least trying these techniques on more of my side projects, while keeping the dream of using it on a large one.

Literate programming: Knuth is doing it wrong

Frankly I did not find Knuth’s literate programs either fun to read, or more easily understood than well designed code with well litrrate variable and f Three-and-a-half stars? Open Preview See a Problem?

Views Read Edit View history. If we made literate programming knuth variables local to main, we would have to do this initialization explicitly; however, C globals are automatically zeroed.