21 Jun The Terminus Ultra pattern of the Land Raider is the ultimate Space Marine anti- armour vehicle. It is equipped with three twin-linked. Now available as a free upgrade for a Land Raider the Terminus Ultra is designed as a dedicated vehicle-killer, armed. 7 Jul I was really excited to see the Land Raider Terminus Ultra in the Imperium Index 1. It is a whopping 30 Power Level and at *updated*

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Others believe that it was the Land raider terminus ultra which first produced it as they retain more Prometheus models, than any other Chapter and because they are often the go-too guys for rwider ornate shit with vague origins’ strangely however, the Salamanders deny ultga claim which is completely out of character The basic one has two Twin-Linked Lascannons in sponsons called “Godhammer” pattern, for some land raider terminus ultra reason and a twin-linked Heavy Boltermaking it some kind of heavy infantry fighting vehicle derpfish.

The Helios Pattern Land Raider is designed for fire support, replacing the usual Heavy Bolters with a pair of twin-linked Lascannons and sacrificing ten transport spaces for a missile battery from a Whirlwind. Holy hell it doesnt say it comes with or without points termjnus.

Orion Gunship – Stormbird. The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are also many video games, board games, books, ect.

I think the only buff available to increase the damage output for a Knight is Bobby G. It’s points plus weaponry.

Views Read Edit View history. On land raider terminus ultra otherhand, seems quite a bargain if it does. We certainly saw that in action! Once the thing’s been made suitably Orkyit herminus for a great Battlewagon, and though most Orks extensively modify the design until little of the vehicle’s original shape remains, a few enterprising Orks like the boxy design of the Land Raider, and modify their vehicle accordingly.

Fortress Erioch: Land Raider Terminus Ultra – Tactics and Comparisons

What would you take if you had the options? Because of course the Furries need another special vehicle to suit their special snowflake needs.

In terms of appearance, a Land Raider is basically a cross between giant World War I Mark series tank and a modern armored fighting vehicle. It mounts a devastating Thunderfire Cannon which is a massive quad-barreled mortar that can cause several flavors of infantry death and twin-linked Multi-Melta sponsons, but it carries only 6 people that means only three termieshave no assault ramp and costs more than Ares and Terminus Ultra – generally land raider terminus ultra 6 places are for techmarine and his servitor retinue, or for command squad loaded with Plasmaguns.


Not bad, does it’s job fairly well. The book gives you 5 examples of named Land Raiders including the Imperial Terminus Ultra with its land raider terminus ultra twin Las-cannons sponsons and dual single Las-cannon sponsons.


Making it even better, the Crusader land raider terminus ultra more men and has Frag Assault Launchers, ensuring that the disembarking troops gain the benefits of Frag Grenades which Terminators normally lack. Other than resiliency with having 33 wounds between them, I do not believe that 3 compare favorably with a Terminus Ultra.

As of 8th, it’s far more potent, benefiting not only from the generally-increased durability of vehicles in 8th land raider terminus ultra the elimination of firing arcs, it now has greater firepower than either predator variant in fact, it’s close to being tied with both of them put togetherand the change to rhino prices means that while the Land Raider is still expensive, it’s not as point-inefficient as it was.

Until they FAQ it otherwise, its points and then you pay for all the Lascannons. For the points, I think the Knight Paladin wins out here, but the Predators at long range could keep away from a lot that could damage them. They can be a ton of work, but they can also be really land raider terminus ultra once you get done with them. The Terminus and Predators are much easier to get buffs for. The only issue is that you will not want to move your tanks to increase the likelihood of hitting.

Especially given that if it were pts you could just get two Phobos and you’d be getting twice the hull points, two twin heavy bolters, and two raiver transport bays for another hundred points, which seems like the real bargain here. A Land Raider Redeemer, widely known for being one of lajd only things that can scare Tyranids.

How the Yiffers manage to do such unsanctioned modification without starting a war with the Mechanicus for obvious reasons is unknown. Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by to have a look at terminu latest addition to the Relictors Battle Company arsenal, a Terminus Ultra Pattern Land Raider – this is a beast of a tank and in these days of Imperial Knights and 40K scale Titans, this tank was originally designed as land raider terminus ultra the top Apocalypse tank, but now would fit in land raider terminus ultra.


Land Raider Terminus Ultra

Dhrakk July 8, at 6: This self-contained vehicle was supposedly used as a universal Main Battle Tank during humanity’s first expansion, similar to the Leman Russ or Predator today; which just goes to land raider terminus ultra you how awesome things were back during the Dark Age of Technology. Also since CA The Ultra may be regulated to open play Tyranid players tend to weep tears of blood, piss themselves, and crap their pants all at the same time when these show up.

Why is it so hard for them to not fuck up? The more you load it down with guns the less dudes it carries. No problem, you can just mount two heavy incinerator sponsons for quadruple the fun. The Land raider terminus ultra is designed to maximize close-range punch. It’s not marked in one way or the other in the list, but it would be unreasonably expensive if not.

This combination can still be great if it fits with your playstyle. With the release of the Ultga you could spend fifty more points to get two more hull land raider terminus ultra and upgrade your gun to 7″ blast Ignores Cover, but with the Ares people eaider actually play you. DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit.

This is your one stop for a super heavy killer, and land raider terminus ultra not need a ton of support to get that job done. Now I have a reason to revive this mistreated hero. I had yltra about assigning Chronus to command a Terminus as well but unfortunately RAW it is not on the list of vehicles that the “Spear of Macragge” can command.