The Paperback of the Wide Open: A Life in Supercross by Jeremy McGrath at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. In this gossipy, spiteful memoir, champion Supercross motorcycle racer McGrath wastes no opportunity to settle scores and gloat over vanquished enemies. Ever since Jeremy was born his dad had at least one motorcycle in the garage. He got a big wheel when he was two for Christmas. By the time.

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Jermey McGrath is one of the most known people in the sport bike riding ever.

He thought that he would never make it because his parents didn’t have enough money to support his racing career and, no companies wanted to support him. This was the best biography I’ve ever read but probably the best book I’ve ever read. It teaches you how to handle the money, whether it be the very little income of a privateer or the millions of a signed professional. In the beginning of the book it talks Jeremy McGrath when he was a little kid.

It really talks about his entire carrer and all of the hard times he and his jerwmy went through to get him to the level of racing he was competed ipen. For people like me, this book is very appealing because of the way that it was written.

Oct 25, Chase Granlund added it. He met a girl named Kim and then he married her. Most of the book takes place in California. Jack got Jeremy his first dirt bike.

Wide Open: A Life in Supercross

I have very little interest in Supercross but I loved this book. I would definitely read this book again over any other book. I would recommend it to most guys, especially the ones who know who J-Mac is. Both of them were ppen was out there on the track racing with each other which made it so great.


Wide Open: A Life in Supercross by Jeremy McGrath

Austin rated it it was amazing Feb 13, I read this in 2 weeks at school. Jermey McGrath started riding when he was 8 years old and his dream was to become a pro motocross and supercross racer.

As widr would later become really fast, he would finally get sponsored at age 14, by Team Honda. He bought a house and was living the high life, but then he wanted a real relationship. Giving up is the worst thing anyone can do in life. They are far or there are only a few of them. Nov 21, Cece rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Jeremy is the one jerem I want to be like and I look up to him.

He talks about trips that he took with his friends, how much money he made and what he did with it, his family, mcgratn now wife Kim. It was a great book and it rocked!!! This book had a lot of ups and downs and zeros to hero’s.

I really enjoyed hearing about how he got into Jefemy, his family life, the trips he took, how much money he made and what he did with it, and who he was overall. Jeremy even donates to charities all the time.

Feb 28, Alex Rudder rated it it was amazing. Throughout the autobiography, he talks a lot about the different bikes that he used, the people that were instrumental to his success, and the good and the bad experiences he had throughout his career.

This is an outstanding book that will tell you the struggles and also the glorious moments that you go through as a professional dirtbike rider. Theme One theme in this book that I saw a lot of and stuck out to me was passion. Trivia About Wide Open: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

In my opinion, my favorite part of the book is when he talks about when he was a little kid with a big wheel tricycle and would hit jumps on the sidewalk with his friends. After a close friend retired, Jeremy soon would become the 1 champion in Motorcross history.


That part kind of dragged along and took a long time. The things that I do not like the most was when some parts of the book got boring.

Jeremy McGrath Bio

I feel like i know what his personality would be like out in public. There were not many times when the book got boring though. It was the story of Jeremy McGrath’s career. This is the true story of a Supercross superstar. He quit supercross when he was forty five.

It was a very rough road for success for Jermey but, biggest problem was money and Jeff Emig. May 11, Levi Johns added it. He went through a lot in his life but he pushed on and pursued his dreams.

Thats what i think of the Book Jeremt McGrath. He wants to help people as much as he can. It would be that way for a couple years until Jeremy got injured again in a wicked crash.

Nov 03, Maxx Hodges rated it really liked it. He partied a lot but knew when to get serious. Sometimes reading can be fun but usually I would rather do anything else but I could sit and read this book anytime.

Riley rated it it was amazing Nov 17, It started with his love for BMX and continued to his starred career in supercross. Jefemy by Jeremy McGrath. Talent does not come naturally, you have to work for it.