: Army Field Manual FM (Field Hygiene and Sanitation) ( ): The United States Army: Books. Field Hygiene and Sanitation FM AFM [Departments of the Army and the Air Force] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Field Hygiene and Sanitation.

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When desirable to preheat utensils prior to the meal, a corrugated can with clear boiling water may be placed near fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation start of the serving line. Oil-water flash burner for messkit washing setup.

This reduces congestion and swelling. General63 II. Although drums are ordinarily cut crosswise, they may dm cut lengthwise fig When this device is not in use, the can of water should be covered to prevent mosquito breeding. Hot weather also increases daily water requirements, because hygien water is lost as sweat.

Each mess kit laundry setup of four cans will support 80 personnel.

Insects are in- volved in both the direct and the indirect trans- mission of disease. Protection of the Susceptible Person The protection of the susceptible person requires the use of all measures necessary to improve gen- eral health. When these liv- ing, infectious organisms enter dm human body and begin to multiply or reproduce, they cause communicable diseases. Diarrhea, especially when vomiting or fever is present, can cause dehydration. As the water in the burner drum fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation comes hot, it rises up fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation higher oipe into the overhead drum.

Cleaning of Cooking, Serving, and Eating Utensils The two procedures which may be used by kitchen personnel in cleaning the cooking, serving, and eating utensils are outlined below. General 55 II. They should not be used for transporting garbage, trash, petroleum products, or other mate- rials from which food could become contaminated.

When treated water is not obtainable, the commander must insure that proper water treatment methods are used gm his unit. Check interior for contamination; if can has a fuel odor, such as gasoline, do not use it for drinking water.


Veneral Diseases Historically, veneral diseases sanitatiom been a problem of both civilian and military communities.

In the field any careless disposal of human waste is a source of danger. Clean the purification bag and hang it by the supporting ropes as illustrated in figure In the venereal disease control pro- gram of the Army, particular emphasis is placed as follows: Fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation veneral disease control program must be broad in scope.

One of the prime responsibilities of a fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation facility supervisor is to train food handlers to use sanitary methods in the handling of snd.

Human Wastes III. Troubles should be faced boldly; they may be put into words and shared with one’s asso- ciates. Two filter pads used simultaneously can fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation approximately 5 gallons of muddy water before becoming plugged and replaced.

Gonorrhea clap, dose, gleet, hgyiene Syphilis pox, bad-blood, lues Chancroid soft chancre, bubo Lymphogranuloma venereum tropical bubo Granuloma inguinale tropical sore 12 AGO A a. Place dead rodents in plastic bags; seal and dispose of gm bags in landfills, or incinerate.

FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation

It is not unusual for the surrounding area to become red, swollen, and sanitaton. Leafy vegetables should be treated by chemical disinfection 1 above whenever possible, as boiling water will cause wilting of the outer leaves.

One pipe fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation inserted into the overhead drum at approximately one-half its depth ; whereas the other pipe is inserted near the bottom.

Have the supervisor check the food temperature in cold storage units. Dressing should not be allowed to stand hyviene room tempera- ture. Check doors and windows. Persons who keep their hands and bodies clean and who consume only food and water 10 AGO A that have been properly prepared and treated seldom develop these diseases.

NOTE When using M8 smoke in training or operations, follow unit standing operating procedures SOPs and leaders and controller’s instructions for use of protective masks and for moving through smoky areas, especially in buildings and tunnels. If water or food sanutation contaminated is not properly treated, the germs therein may infect the consumer.


The unit field sanitation team assists the commander in fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation out these responsibilities. Keeping the body and clothing clean is a simple, effective means of reducing the number of disease germs which could invade sanihation body. Instead, see a medical officer. Exercising in the heat and humidity for 1 to 2 hours daily, gradually increasing the workload each day, can produce acclimatization. If your urine stream is dark yellow and the volume is small, or if you are constipated and experience hard stools, you may not be drinking enough water.

FM Field Hygiene and Sanitation – Army Board Questions

Break in the chain of disease transmission. The ma- terial contained in this manual is applicable to both nuclear and nonnuclear warfare except as otherwise noted. For three cans an 8-foot trench is usually sufficient. Dosage minus demand equals residual.

Comments should be keyed to the spe- cific page, paragraph, and line of the text in which the change is recommended.

Well in advance of the march unit officers should insure that all men are equipped with the proper type of correctly fitted broken-in footgear ; with the necessary num- ber of correctly fitted, clean socks which are free of holes or bunchy darns; and with an adequate supply of foot powder. Select site of construction. The most healthful oral hygiene, which should be practiced whenever possible, is to cleanse the mouth and teeth thoroughly and cor- rectly after each meal fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation a toothbrush and fluor- ide dentifrice and to remove food debris which has accumulated between the teeth fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation dental floss, stimudents, or toothpicks.

All such actions could prove dangerous.