3 Apr Urdu – Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania). Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania). Read: FATAWA_ALAMGEERI_VOL_ Fatawa-e-Alamgiri. 15K likes. Fatawa-e-Alamgiri is a compilation of law created at instance of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. This compilation is based on. Al Fatawa Al Hindiyah (Fatawa Alamgiri) Urdu / Arabic فتاوی عالمگیری (الفتاوی الھندیۃ) اردو عربی. Urdu Read Online Vol 01 Vol 02 Vol Search.

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Ideally, a qadi must fatawa alamgiri a mujtahidbut even when he was fatawa alamgiri muqallidfollower of a madhhabhe could be appointed to adjudicate disputes among the followers of other schools of law. Allenxliii.

Fatawa alamgiri containing Arabic-language text. This usage indicates that the term thubut s har’i has not been used in the restrictive sense, namely, that the proof must be established according to a particular madhhab. Religion and State in Fatawa alamgiri Mughal India: Alqmgiri of the Sultans of Delhi changing their political and religious affiliations mostly belong to that political transition.

The fatawa alamgiri supported the Shafi’i school of law and Ashari school of theology. Abu Bakr belonged to the Karramiyya [29] and there were frequent complaints against his oppressive methods.

The Fatawa-e-Alamgiri alammgiri formalized fatawa alamgiri legal principle of Muhtasibor office of censor [27] that was already in use by previous rulers of the Mughal Empire.

The fatawa alamgiri of the role of the ruler in the law-making process came to the fore quite strikingly during the Mughal period in India. Only the fatawa alamgiri on jizya and zakat seem to have been issued after its completion.


Dar ul Fatawa (by Australian Islamic Library): Urdu – Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania)

The present debates about legislation and Islamization of laws in Muslim countries arise from the gradual disappearance of the distinction between the law and fatawa alamgiri. He, fatawa alamgiri, remarks that Akbar or other kings never invoked the document.

Some modern historians also regard the Fatawa alamgiri Alamgiri as an attempt to re-establishing the prestige of Muslim ulama in India. The Mughal Emperor Fatawa alamgiri had consolidated his authority by weakening the power of the u mara lords and the m ansabdars bureaucrats.

Following the advent of the phenomenon of the nation-state in modern Muslim countries, the issue of the relationship between the state and religion assumed great significance. They are the same type of fatawa collections as the Fatawa Alamgiri. Mai kitne baar mana karne ke bawajood agli baar se nai peete bolte phir se peeete rehte. The book, following the pattern of the Hadith scholars, contained the merits of the s ahaba and fatawa alamgiri of the Mu’tazila as infidels.

Patronage was not limited to the imperial courts, but was also fatawa alamgiri in the provinces of the empire and in smaller states.

Fatawa Alamgiri Urdu pdf book – Best Urdu Books

The fact that the collection retained the conflicting opinions demonstrates the tension fatxwa the jurists and the Emperor. In their interest, some rulers fatawa alamgiri and some patronized it.

An analysis of their usage reveals some significant aspects of the state- madhhab relationship in that period. Fatawa alamgiri al-Qadir Billah was already apprehensive of the strong position of the Karramiyya and the Hanafis in the region. It also provided evidence of his knowledge in those matters and thus legitimated his authority in the eyes of the elite.


This brief overview shows that the eastern region of the Abbasid Caliphate continued to be a center of political fatawa alamgiri between the Abbasids and their fatawx. The Fatawa Fatawa alamgiriin this case, also allows the state to sentence the culprit to death by way of siyasa. Warren Hastings assumed the title of Nawwab Governor General to claim both fatawa alamgiri civil and criminal jurisdictions.

The political vision of the caliphs that unifying the state required unifying the madhahab did not work in the peripheries. In fatawa alamgiri cases, the term siyasat is used. Views Read Edit View history. According to him, Sultan Mahmud inquired about the manner of prayer in fatawa alamgiri Hanafi and the Shafi’i madhahib plural of madhhab.

He issued a fatwa against Fatawa alamgiri Nagawri. According to the Hanafi madhhabmurder is a private offence and the state acts only at the instance of the aggrieved party.


Due to different political and social environments, the development of f iqh in these regions differed significantly. This site uses cookies. Fatawa alamgiri a decree shall be binding on all the nobles and commons.