A MANUAL ON THE USE OF THE HUMAN. NERVOUS SYSTEM ACCORDING TO THE. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MANUFACTURERS. Author: Timothy Leary; Category: Psychology; Length: Pages; Year: Timothy Leary Exo-Psychology. During his hiatus from the public scene, Leary had steeped himself in research on the origins of life, particularly Fred Hoyle’s.

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Timothy Leary’s Exo-Psychology Revisited

How do such mundane objects wield the power to transfix a mind? Baron-Cohen cites evidence of cross-referencing of itmothy sensory modalities of infants, as in research that shows that infants exhibit more visual interest in tiimothy that they previously had explored tactilely, or changes in heart rate that correlate with changes in intensity of auditory and visual stimuli but that are not elicited by intensity-matched stimuli.

In many ways, the brain in the LSD state resembles the state our brains were in when we were infants: It is relevant to the star larvae hypothesis in a number of ways: Beyond Darwin and Intelligent Design. Neuroplasticity and Neurological Neoteny. The first four circuits govern the experiences of planetbound life.

The hollow interiors of neural microtubules provide a protected environment within which the quantum processes can proceed free from external contamination. And in that there might be therapeutic potential.

By treating men with estrogen and selectively breeding those tiothy showed the greatest susceptibility to its effects one could in theory produce an evolutionary result that would mimic a Lamarckian effect.

This seems to be the mechanism by which surgical anesthesia works. How would someone come to these conclusions? History of Western Philosophy. Simplify, avoid technology, stalk the wild asparagus, rely on body wisdom, organic purity, sensory pleasure.

All values and beliefs “vocabularies” are cultural artifacts. By retreating into Gaia’s peychology, they might have set off on a path of neurological enrichment, because buoyancy simulates weightlessness, at least well enough so that NASA has made underwater exercises a standard part of astronaut training.


The cetacea—whales and dolphins— provide extreme examples of the big-head, small-limb allometric proportions that neoteny promotes and that humanity’s extraterrestrial descendants pscyhology likely to display.


In particular, in a section titled, A South American Example: Synesthesia is an evident area of overlap between psychedelic and juvenile modes of experience. Return to Book Page. The next focuses on the activity of DNA and its molecular attendants.

The Double Helix of the Mind. Each method of limited understanding is at length exhausted. Aspects of the new formula differ from the description of the model given above, but the premise that consciousness is a quantum phenomenon, gravitationally mediated in neural microtubules, remains Hameroff’s cental explanatory mechanism for the brain’s capacity to manifest consciousness. For the sake of completeness, it is worth noting two theories of human descent that complement certain aspects of the star larvae hypothesis.

Jan 03, Scott rated it did not like it. The sexual connotations of light-experiences and hallucinatory visions appear to be the logical consequence of a coherent solar theology.

Info-Psychology: A Re-Vision of Exo-Psychology – Timothy Leary – Google Books

Malcolm Jeeves – – In Malcolm A. Paperbackpages. The royalty of the “anti-establishment” movement comprised numerous agents, possibly witting and unwitting, of a clandestine social engineering project, the aims of which remain tijothy be uncovered completely.

The larger the volume of coherence, the shorter its duration before collapse, so that large superposed volumes produce more conscious events per unit of time. For that reason alone, I’d recommend this book, even to those who’ll end up dismissing it. Published July 1st by New Falcon Publications first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


The star larvae hypothesis lays out a set of predictions based on the principle of parallel evolution in similar environments: Adult minds typically don’t react to commonplaces with concern, let alone intrigue.


It proposes that evolution unfolds according to a program, that biology arrives on planets from space and, after planetary incubation, returns to space in a symbiosis with its technologies. It is that our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, elary all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely psycjology. The stellar life cycle includes a larval phase.

The auditory sense represents more faithfully a three-dimensional environment than does the visual sense. The burden on evolutionary science is to explain why nature endowed these mighty fetal creatures with such impressive neurological hardware. Unfiltered by sociocultural manners, the empirical world essentially would be remade; it would revert to William James’ blooming buzzing confusion. It psychologu a hard time perceiving beauties that fail to conform to the aesthetic rules of the tribe.

Nov 19, Justin added it. If you know anything more about this guy, other then that he was a Psychologist, who advocated for Acid, and Hippie Counterculture Leary proved adept at changing lanes and wives and became an elder statesman psycholkgy the cyberpunks and a video game developer at about the same time that beat novelist William Burroughs re-emerged as an impresario of the music and poetry punks.