6 Jun Ermeto Original. Valves. Page 2. Valves. O2. Catalogue /UK. Visual index Non return valves. RHD / p. O EO 24° cone end / EO 24°. Each Parker product is marked with a Parker trademark. The 24° items standardised in ISO & 4 are branded with “EO” – “Ermeto Original”. Parker Triple-. Title: CATALOGO RACCORDI ERMETO, Author: gerardo frunzi, Name: CATALOGO RACCORDI ERMETO, Length: 2 pages, Page: 1, Published:

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Si invitano i potenziali acquirenti ad informarsi presso il Paese di destinazione sulle leggi che regolano tali importazioni. Your ermeto catalogo has been successful.

Leave a bid now! After the late or nonpayment from a purchaser, Cambi will have the right to refuse any other offer from this person or his representative during the following auctions.

No claim will be accepted ermeto catalogo Cambi after ermeto catalogo sale, nor Cambi nor the seller will be held responsible for any defect concerning the information of the objects for sale.

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Tali valori possono essere uguali, superiori o inferiori ai prezzi di riserva dei lotti concordati con i mandanti. If it were not possible to view the lots in person you can request a condition report to receive additional pictures and detailed objects.

Ermeto catalogo registration at the auctions gives Cambi the chance to send the catalogues of the following auctions and any other information concerning its activities. All responsibilities ermeto catalogo to the former articles and following of the Italian Civil Code continue to rest on the owners of each item.

The descriptive images may not accurately represent the lots offered at auction. Cambi does not take any responsibility catlogo the purchaser as for any possible export frmeto of the objects knocked down, nor concerning any possible license or certificate to be obtained according ermeto catalogo the Italian law. Cambi ermeto catalogo not guarantee certificates possibly annexed to precious caatalogo carried out by independent gemological laboratories, even if references to the results of these tests may be cited as information ermeto catalogo possible buyers.


Sale Date s 17 nov Please check your email account for more details. Sorry, bidding has ended on this item. Cambi reserves the right to deny anyone, at its own discretion, the entrance in its own building and the ermeto catalogo to the auction, and to reject offers from unknown or ermeto catalogo bidders, unless a deposit covering the entire value of the desired lot is raised or in any case an adequate guarantee is supplied.

Ask seller a question. ermeto catalogo

I beni ermeto catalogo antiquariato per loro stessa natura possono essere stati ermeto catalogo di restauri o sottoposti a modifiche di vario genere, quale ad esempio la sovra-pitturazione: Come back when bidding opens to start bidding. In Watches and Pockets Watches.

The person interested in buying something, commits himself, before taking part to the action, to analyze it in depth, even with the help of his own expert or restorer, to be sure of all the above mentioned characteristics.

Buyers who might not have provided ID and current address earlier must do ermeto catalogo immediately after a knock down. Indirizzo della sede Palazzo Serbelloni. The attribution of caalogo data is optional but it is fundamental to ermeto catalogo the contract.

Codice dei Beni Culturali and following changes, buyers are beholden by law to observe all existing legislative dispositions on the matter and, in case the State exercises its erketo ermeto catalogo, cannot expect from Cambi ermeto catalogo the vendor any ermteo or eventual interest on commission on the knock down price already paid.

The purpose of this exposition is to allow a thorough evaluation of authenticity, attribution, condition, provenance, origin, date, age, type and quality of the lots to be auctioned ermeto catalogo to clarify any possible typographical error or inaccuracy in the catalogue. The Auction House is always recommended the direct vision of the works before making offers.


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All controversies concerning the sales activity at Cambi are regulated by the Court of Catxlogo. In case of total or partial nonpayment of the due amount within this deadline, Cambi can: Modern and Contemporary Art works are usually accompanied by certificates of authenticity and other documents indicated in the appropriate catalogue entries.

Interested in the price of this lot? I movimenti degli orologi sono da considerarsi non revisionati. To be sure to ermeto catalogo, log in for the live auction broadcast ermeto catalogo 17 nov 10 CET or increase your max bid. Er,eto an exception to the conditions above mentioned, Cambi will not refund the buyer if the description of the object in the catalogue ermeto catalogo in accordance with the opinion generally accepted ermeto catalogo scholars and experts at the time of the sale or indicated as controversial the ermeto catalogo or the ermeto catalogo of the lot, and if, at the time of the remeto publication, the forgery could have been recognized only with too complicated or too expensive exams, or ermeto catalogo analysis that could have damaged the object or reduced its value.

During the auction, the Auctioneer at his own discretion is entitled to: Export of objects more than 50 years old is subject to the release of an export license from the competent Authority. Accept Cookies Learn More.

By using our services, ermeto catalogo agree to our use of cookies. There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later. Made in the ‘ In Watches and Pockets Watches. You need to be registered and approved to bid at this auction.