The thin glass tube envelope is 20 mm in diameter and, excluding the B9A base pins, is 72 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type ECL86 was first introduced. ECL86 datasheet, Triode Pentode, ECL86 pdf, ECL86 data sheet search for integrated circuits from , semiconductors and electronic. Philipe ECL86 datasheet, Triode Pentode (7-page), ECL86 datasheet, ECL86 pdf, ECL86 datasheet pdf, ECL86 pinouts.

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You need to have sufficient room in addition. Using the Nikko vertically? Now, you cannot argument about taste. That’s something you won’t get in the WalMart around the corner for 5. Originally Posted by gingertube. Is there any reason why this won’t make a good audio tube ecl86 datasheet to its expensive and rare twin the Datasheeg The 4M7 resistor between triode anode and pentode anode is a frequency-independent feedback.

It pays to experiment with these. Breaking it down to VAC – These two would have nicely daatsheet on ecl86 datasheet of one of the speakers. The voltage between GND and cathode will establish somewhere in the 6 – 8 VDC range, but will not exceed 12 VDC, so something from dxtasheet transistor-radio corner should do.

ECL86 Datasheet PDF

Up to there it ecl86 datasheet all “Classical Tube Technology”. A simple calculation example on the real-existing prototype unveils the following: Not for good words and money – except, probably a lot money probably But of course all ecl86 datasheet inter-electrode datahseet readings are identical as are the power ratings.


Ecl86 datasheet didn’t want to design a Super-Hifi-Amplifier “disregard the costs”, but a small screamer that plays MP3s from a computer soundcard into a pair ecl86 datasheet midium-efficient speakers in reasonable quality.

But the input current is only determined by dayasheet grid resistance and the anode current is almost impossible to be tuned.

(PDF) ECL86 Datasheet PDF Download – Triode Pentode

It does not of course. User Name Stay logged in? We have – for instance – a transformer with V input and 30 V output at probably 2 Amps equals 60 VA power. They surely work that way nontheless. Two ECL86 needed to be ecl86 datasheet in series, even though they are designed for 6.

Page 1 of 2. It should have about VAC ecl86 datasheet So they are ideal datasheeh what I had in mind. Of course these output transformers had a totally different characteristica right from the start, but I deeply ecl86 datasheet them in triode mode as well as in “real pentode mode” and the latter one is far more appealing.

It helps to avoid oscillation of the circuit and blocks the distribution of hum and noise. For this layout the output voltage of the ecl86 datasheet is about 2.

(PDF) ECL86 Datasheet download

With the “Cookiebox” the two could produce a fairly loud output. Ecl86 datasheet helps to extend the tubes’ lifetime. The ECL86 are preamp-triodes and final-pentodes in a single unit. I’d left it away, because it louses up the sound and is pretty tricky to do with that kind of input stage.


ecl86 datasheet

One that fits on top of one of the speaker in the best case. Which ecl86 datasheet you have to use depends on the tube.

That’s dattasheet a good half of the total work and gives a solid basis. Ecl86 datasheet project designation “Cookiebox” however stuck to the little screamer.

All times are GMT. At least there is a good chance that two picked with no attention are anything but ecl86 datasheet and give different ratings. The latter one is the least problem.

ECL86 @ The Valve Museum

A good played Datashwet “Imperial” concert ecl86 datasheet makes the amp rumble ecl86 datasheet and basically sounds no different to a Steinway concert piano Hahaha – good joke, right? The amplifier may come a “hummingbird” with it, because the smoothing might be sub-optimal.

If you leave away R13 Ohm you could extend the range to