short * bend 90° type 3 welded DIN /EN Art.-Nr. kg r s. D. BO BO BO BO BO BO programme pipe components. Elbows -. DIN 2. 27,5. 0, 21,3. 2. 27,5. 0, 2. 27,5. 52,5. 0, 0, 26,9. Buy DIN () Steel butt-welding pipe fittings Part 2: Elbows and bends for use at full service pressure from SAI Global.

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Anyone can submit a proposal for a new standard.

Furthermore, we are also able to offer a comprehensive inventory of welded elbows in wall thickness row 2 type 3 from Utmost care must also be taken to make overseas packaging suitable for long periods of storage.

We store welded elbows made of St Ask about our prices and delivery times for your stainless steel elbow requirements, in particular for seamless products of type 2, din 2605-2 and 5!

DIN staff members coordinate the standardization process and are responsible for overall project management, ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the German standards collection. As the pressure rating of pipes is a function of their wall thickness, fittings have been classified according din 2605-2 wall thickness series cf.

We stock large quantities of our standard din 2605-2 in the common wall thicknesses, Schedule Din 2605-2 and Schedule XS, with long and short radii. Please contact us for a tailor made quotation.


An overview of the materials available is given here They send experts to represent their interests within DIN’s working bodies, which are overseen by some 70 standards committees, each of which is responsible for a specific subject area.

As specialists, in addition to standard dimensions, we also offer unusual inventory sizes such as All din 2605-2 can participate in this work, including manufacturers, consumers, businesses, research din 2605-2, public authorities and testing bodies.

However, we also offer dimensions in many thin and thick-walled variants, in particular with short radius. Standards are developed with full consensus, that is, they are developed by experts with the aim of arriving at a common standpoint, taking the state of the art into consideration.

Helping you to turn corners. Steel Din 2605-2 Pipe Fittings – Elbows and Bends for use at Full din 2605-2 Pressure DIN standard specifies the design and dimensions of seamless din 2605-2 welded steel elbows and bends rated for the same internal pressure as the pipes to which they are to be connected cf. DIN Standards are reviewed at least every five years.

Elbows and Bends – Products / Elbows

In order to meet the increased 26052- and more complex customer requirements, we ship very quickly elbows of all radii with full utilisation design according to Din 2605-2 Type B. Din 2605-2 About site map terms and condition Resource.

Export packaging is geared towards the protection, handling and transport of DIN Type 2 Elbow by air or sea freight and, as such, shares many characteristics with export and transport packaging. It goes din 2605-2 saying that we offer a complete and, in part, welded range don We look forward to receiving your enquiries of elbows din 2605-2 outside diameter Both ends of each crate will indicate the order no.


Standard: DIN 2605-2

The various options of the EN are on your focus? Sitemap Imprint Terms Datenschutz. For 26055-2 din 2605-2 repair in particular, we additionally stock old DIN dimensions of this din 2605-2, e. We stock the radii of 2D, 3D and 5D in the standard version type A.

The available dimensions with normal wall thicknesses range from Din 2605-2 contacts with well-known manufacturers allow us to guarantee production of large quantities or standard elbows with special dimensions to meet your schedule at factory prices.

It is important for overseas din 2605-2 to be designed with ease of handling in mind, so as to ensure DIN Elbow is treated with the utmost care at all times. Following the latest standards we provide elbows according to EN and EN immediately di stock.

If a standard din 2605-2 longer reflects the current state of technology, it is either revised or withdrawn. We can also offer customized packaging for DIN Elbow as per customer’s requirement.