10 Feb Dena Paona is a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore. It is taken from ‘ GalpoGuchho’.Download Dena Paona-By Rabindranath. Here is the ultimate site for reading and downloading bangla ebooks for free. Enjoy the flavour of bengali literature. To Download Any File Click Read More And.

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It bruised Ramshundar too, but he still deterred himself from meeting Niru. To this, he added a popular Bengali proverb which indicated that he did not wish to have foul smell in his hands for a trivial reason.

Nirupama was stoned in anguish; the disgrace, the helplessness and the squalor of her own family stabbed her heart. It was unbelievable, but true, that a doctor visited Niru the day she breathed her last.

His wish, at times, was not granted, but he did not have the right to revolt. But soon, the bitter reality of his situation struck him, as he found out how dwna he was, with the debts he had incurred. Dena Paona The Dowry Death. Ramshundar had dena paona by rabindranath tagore to get hold of someone who agreed to lend him the money with heavy interests.

As for Niru, she had gauged the tremendous agony of her father while dena paona by rabindranath tagore his face.

However much cautious he had been to keep the news a secret to his sons; they had come to know of it. As beautiful as the family she belongs to. Ramshundar nestled her face in his chest, as his tears flowed incessantly. Is my existence valued only den long as the money exists?

Dena paona by rabindranath tagore eBook

Ramshundar was unable dena paona by rabindranath tagore take the humiliation any longer, and that too, from his new relatives with whom he had hoped to forge a hearty connection. Finally, he kept down the hookah on the floor and came to the point. The Raybahadur was not at home, so he was told to wait for some time. Not long after, Niru was stricken by a serious illness, but one dena paona by rabindranath tagore not blame her mother-in-law for that entirely.


Her name, evoking the unmatched beauty of a woman, fondly attributed to her by her parents, was quite a fancy one in the family. Her husband, promoted to the position of a deputy magistrate, had to leave her to join his work paina few days after their wedding. But his plan turned upside down as his sons knew of it eventually. As his last recourse, he attempted to sell off his house to gather some funds.

She was extremely negligent about ragore own health.

To add to her woes, she had been strictly forbidden to meet anyone from her own family. Finally, in the month of Ashwinwhen Durga Puja was just around the corner, his heart melted for Niru.

Rabinfranath company, according to her in-laws, had been detrimental to her. The silent tears she would shed in her dena paona by rabindranath tagore became her constant companions.

Nirupama grew up, blossoming into a beauty and marriage proposals followed suit. He sighed, as he visualized the scene, but those empty sighs only deepened the wrinkles in his forehead. Why would she like the food served by us poor folks?

Dena paona by rabindranath tagore eBook

He left the room on the pretext of some work, without even caring to provide a reason or an explanation behind his denial. Newer Post Older Post Home.

As the day of the tagire was fast ny, he discovered how hard it was to accumulate the money they demanded. In the meanwhile, everybody present at the scene witnessed a miracle. As for her mother-in-law, she could not stand dena paona by rabindranath tagore passive resignation on her part either. He had planned to rent his own house after selling it, so that his sons would never get to know of it until his death.


Ramshundar had sold his house to arrange for the dowry money. In a way, he had agreed to all of this without considering dena paona by rabindranath tagore consequences, but he had no dena paona by rabindranath tagore choice. Ramshundar, miserable and lost, went away from the house, stealthily, along with the money. Table of Contents, January He pawned, and also sold most of his belongings, yet, after all his concerted attempts, he was short of some six or seven thousand. He knew of this excruciating poverty in his own family, and the thoughts overwhelmed him every day, while he had his daily dose of tobacco.

And then, just before the marriage rituals were about to be solemnized, the venue of the wedding transformed to a pandemonium. After a frantic search for a suitable groom, her father Ramshundar Mitra found the only son of an affluent Raybahadur for his loving daughter. However, all his pleas failed raibndranath have any impact on the Raybahadur and his clan. Dena paona by rabindranath tagore with no other alternative, he started lending money from various sources with huge interests.

However, since he did not, Niru felt she had no right in the house. Baba, do not insult me by giving him the money. I do not understand, nor do I intend to understand any of this. At this moment, his five year-old grandson clutched his knees with all his might and asked: Rabindranath Tagore Nirupama was born to her parents after her five elder brothers.