The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks [David A. Embury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 12 Apr Sometimes overlooked is perhaps the best bartending book for any learning bartender: David Embury’s “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks” in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks – Leather Bound Edition – By David A. Embury.

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Refresh and try again. Ron Johnson rated it liked it Jul 25, Add two cubes of cracked, but not crushed, ice and top off with the rest of the whiskey. Jeff Rose rated it really liked it Mar 14, A daiquirifor example, is nothing more than a whiskey sour with rum substituted for whiskey as the base and lime juice substituted for lemon juice as a modifying agent.

Just like with food, the quality of a drink will never be better than the drunks of its cheapest ingredient. Embury’s preferred recipe for each is:. Sep 04, Anne Frisbie rated it liked it Shelves: Kate Gorman rated it it was amazing Dec 29, Who would’ve thought the a Martini used to be made with Gin, not Vodka?

David Embury and the Fine Art of Mixing Drinks

Top of comments Shakestir. Daiquiri 8 parts white Cuban rum 2 parts lime juice 1 part simple syrup Shake with lots of finely crushed ice and strain well into a chilled cocktail glass. They should be pleasing to the eye. For example, Gin is not agreed among doctors to be the sole liquor that treats genital and urinary infections. Embury stresses frequently that the drink will never be any better than the quality of the cheapest ingredient in it, and hence he stresses constantly the need for the highest quality spirits, liqueurscordialsand modifiers fresh squeezed lemons, etc.

He suggests trying different ratios, finding the one that is most pleasing to you, david embury the fine art of mixing drinks sticking with it. Cocktails American cookbooks books Doubleday publisher books. Essential reading for drinks writers.


What passes for davld cocktail in many trendy bars today is more about having an excuse to use a cutesy name than about making a good and satisfying drink. Were it not a bit dated c’mon, it’s been almost 70 years between his writing the book and my writing this this would earn a solid five stars. Jun 09, Anders rated it it was amazing Shelves: Though the social values and some davic the science his claims on medicine david embury the fine art of mixing drinks untrue are behind the times, the advice is sound and useful.

Awesome book from on the art of mixing drinks.

Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by Embury David A. 0571054129 The Fast

Savid must have this book in your cocktail library. While the opinions expressed within the articles are exclusively those of david embury the fine art of mixing drinks writers and their sources, Shakestir gives the space for them to share. Good introduction on the three ingredients of a cocktail base, modifying agent, special flavoring and coloring agentand original recipes. Arthur rated it dginks liked it May 31, Add a twist of lemon and drop peel in the glass.

Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by Embury David A. The Fast | eBay

Embury straddled the pre- and post-prohibition eras and thus is able to provide some very interesting insight into the changes in cocktail culture due to this event. An entire chapter of the book “Roll Your Own” is dedicated to this premise. I’m on the verge of buying a new copy because mine, bought in oris dying of old age, losing if binding and pages. Written in the early ‘s so quite a lot has changed since then but a lot of what he says still holds true.


Please visit our sister site, CocktailCourier. The use of large, high-density ice cubes is ideal. Be drinjs first to comment! Take from this the following important lessons:. A final lesson from Embury is that there is no one recipe for any cocktail.

The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: This book is fantastic. Found this very interesting.

Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Keelin rated it it was amazing Jun 27, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Perhaps because he was not a bartender, this is the first book I have read that breaks away from being a list of drinks and instead looks at the recipes from their similarities with his belief in ‘rolling your own’ the only disappointment was the large number of spelling and editorial errors in this edition.

If the drink suits david embury the fine art of mixing drinks palate, that’s all that matters. Stir with ice, strain into a cocktail glass and serve garnished with a Maraschino cherry. Share this page with a friend Your Name: A great read for going back to basics on mixed drinks. Stir with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, twist lemon peel over the top david embury the fine art of mixing drinks serve garnished with an olivepreferably one stuffed with any kind of nut.

The author favors cocktails over all mixed drinks, and his expertise on mixing quality ingredients, serving and enjoying cocktails is informed and indispensable.