Manuals and User Guides for Control Techniques unidrive sp. We have 1 Control Techniques unidrive sp manual available for free PDF download: Advanced. and servo motors. Unidrive sp Controller pdf manual download. This method can be used, for example, for creating drive macros. Parameter RAM is used as. The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of Control Techniques Ltd operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) that Fundamental differences between Unidrive SP and Unidrive Classic.

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This feature can be disabled by setting this parameter to one. Page 62 The Kd gain is not affected.


Advanced Menus Any Solutions Module type is recognized with all drive types in any slots. User Pid Controller Any variable parameter feedback??.?? The drive can check the position from the sine and cosine waveforms against the internal encoder position using serial communications and if an error occurs the drive initiates a trip.

This parameter displays the active current Pr 4.

Control Techniques unidrive sp Manuals

This techniqjes be done whether the drive is disabled or running. Page This parameter displays the active current Pr 4. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The coiler will decelerate down to – 5rpm until a stop is applied.


The rated rpm optimizer is automatically disabled when closed-loop vector RFC mode is selected Pr 3.

This module contains two processors, and thus two software versions. The command is aborted because a unidive value is received in the drive address, menu or parameter numbers.

If a non-valid parameter is programmed, the digital input is not routed anywhere. Don’t have an account? Only parameters that are not protected can be controlled by the programmable digital inputs.

When the control system is leaving the mains loss ride through condition ACUU it is important that no techniquws is applied to the input rectifier until it is fully active.

Page The master should wait at least 20ms before sending a new message using the new protocol. Page Run reverse Pr 6. Analog input 2 maximum speed override level 0.

Twice this time will be taken to adjust the output from Page Once two valid changes have occurred the test operates in the same way as for other encoder types.

Page When this bit is set the drive provides a cross-coupling feed forward voltage as produced by the transient inductance and a frequency based voltage feed forward term. Page When the Sectional control mode is selected the function is also reset, and the output is held at zero, when the control Pr Page 16 15 Revolutions Position When the feedback device rotates by more than one revolution, the revolutions in Pr x.

XX load active overload overload overload alarm parameter terminals indicator indicator indicator accumulator indicator The parameters are all shown at their default settings Unidrive SP Advanced User Guide www.


The braking load will probably not be shared equally between the resistors because of voltage measurement tecnniques within the individual drives. The digital inputs are set-up in positive logic only. XX parameter terminals 3.

Control Techniques unidrive sp Manuals

Sets the timeout for the drive display to revert to status mode from edit mode following no key presses. Parameter RAM is used as the source of this information. The digital outputs are updated every 4ms.

If the drive is subsequently powered-up with a different Solutions Module installed, or no Solutions Module installed where one was previously installed, the drive gives a SLx. Destination parameters define the parameter each of the programmable inputs is to control.

Emerson unidrive sp User Manual

The effects of saturation are to cause a step increase in torque when operating in torque mode as the speed increases into the field weakening region. The jog deceleration rate is only used when the drive is changing speed because the techniquee reference has changed or to stop from the jog reference.

However in most cases it is not necessary as each input is automatically scaled such that for Page Output power Output Power voltage 5.