Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Reviewer – Free download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. CONFIGURE AND PRINT (Actual) – Click Computer Hardware Servicing – NC2 Reviewer – After entering the required information, click the OK. TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) MODULE 1 – KB PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting & Repair w/ OJT .. TESDA CHS NC II Computer Technician Certification Courses · PC LAN/WAN Setup.

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So it is really advisable to learn all parts of the computer in order for you to pass the computer hardware servicing exam. Install the CPU, fan, heat sink and memory module on the motherboard. Also called an expansion card. There are instances as well that old computer part will be ask to you such as; 8 bit and 16 bit ISA interface riser card, internal modem, com ports and serial ports.


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You need no further PC Repair training after completing this course. Anonymous June 13, at 2: Turn-off your firewall before installing network printer.

Changing Workgroup and Computer Name. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Subscribe Stay Informed Subscribe. After you have set this up you will be required to allow folder, and printer sharing in your internal network.

TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) | CNCTC, Inc.

It is stored in a ROM chip on the motherboard. Yuu November 22, at 6: Ensure that all Mounting Screws are properly secured since the examiner is very particular on this. Learning about various types of processors and its specifications is also a high value.


Personal protective equipment are correctly serviclng in accordance with organization OHS procedures and practices. It is good post. Assemble and install network connection.

Also called main memory or primary storage. During this exam you will be ask and explain a certain parts of computer. Their DNS addresses are: After that, you servicjng be instructed to install Windows Operating System particularly Server OS such as Windows or latest on the server unit.

You hardwxre commenting using your WordPress. Also called an expansion card. You will be able to setup a small network in the classroom and in your own knowledge you need to connect your internal network to the internet. Heat sink —component with fins that cools processor.

Notify me of new comments via email. It is assumed that you have the prior basic knowledge on computer hardware and software operations. Itype ang mga letra at numero: It is much better to first know the basic knowledge in CHS, please follow the site below to explore advance techniques on how to pass the Assessment Examination http: Take necessary precautions to protect the components of the computer from damage caused by ESD Electrostatic Discharge.

Once you have disassemble the computer please take note that before you disassemble the system unit you need to verify it first if it is working this will be an additional points to you… to continue you need to placed the dismantled parts on a safe placed with anti static plastic below it. Most of the questions will be on troubleshooting but anything around the subject matter can be asked. This can be one particular of the most beneficial blogs we have ever arrived across on this subject.


Maintained by a small battery after you turn the computer off. You also need to master the parts of the computer particularly of the Main Circuit Board or the Mother Board and their specific functions, cable color-coding as shown above. Computer modular parts are being cojputer on the table and randomly, the examiner will pick a sefvicing parts and it will presented to you and it will ask you to identify the parts and explain the function of it.

Take necessary precautions to protect the components of the computer from damage caused by ESD Electrostatic Discharge. Port connects external devices to system unit.

Their DNS addresses are: Newer Post Older Post Home. It is assumed that you have the prior basic knowledge on computer hardware and software operations.

You must also review about the common types of viruses and how it will sericing your computer system applications and operating system. Xzheejhei Montoya February 5, at 8: Understanding Network components for LAN connectivity. Derrick Ramos July 28, at 8: This site uses cookies.

In order to pass the hardware identification exam you must learn also the older parts of computers.