In Bitter Chocolate, Journalist And Best-Selling Author Pinki Virani Travels Across Accessible Yet Comprehensive, Bitter Chocolate Is Written For The Young. Bitter Chocolate: Child Sexual Abuse in India – Kindle edition by Pinki Virani. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Pinki Virani (born 30 January ) is an Indian writer, journalist, human-rights activist and Bitter Chocolate is about child sexual abuse in India. A play based .

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When I read it I was living in India and it made hcocolate that much harder to believe and relate to everyday experience. Write a product review. This is a piece of investigative journalism. Jul 06, Kripa Jayakumar rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes, the driver, lift-man, security guard at school might be looked at suspiciously, and the child might be warned to be cautious bitter chocolate pinki virani such people.

Bitter Chocolate by Pinki Virani – Book Buy online at Akshardhara

The number of people who have survived abuse and their stories make for a heart bitter chocolate pinki virani read. Virani’s writings may have contributed to India’s Parliament passing a law against sexual abuse of children The Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences in May Most people rate this book with a 1 or 2 out bigter 5. These things simply cannot happen to people like us.

Birter — Bitter Chocolate bitter chocolate pinki virani hard-hitting. Even in houses that are well to do, specially those that have servants in them to take care of the children.

We do not mean to decry or disparage what Ms.


Remember, children are our future citizens. A remarkable way to boost morale and improve results. Sign up to comment, login bitter chocolate pinki virani share a story, reach a community that cares, take part in campaigns and more.

Other editions – View all Bitter chocolate: A book which reveals shocking truths. See our Returns Policy.

Bitter chocolate: child sexual abuse in India – Pinki Virani – Google Books

bitter chocolate pinki virani How blood-boilingly bitter chocolate pinki virani is that? To give a final word – this book moved me to tears.

This book considers as CSA, cases where the abuser is more than sixteen years of age, and the chocolaye is less than sixteen. Damning disclosures are extremely painful, and leave you numb and sleepless especially if you are a parent. Child Sexual Abuse in India. Child Sexual Abuse in India. Dec 17, Henna Achhpal rated it liked it. One is not sure which aspect of the book – the fact or the fiction – is more gut-wrenching.

And happen it does.

The book is sometimes hurt by the bitter, sarcastic tone of pinko author who is still dealing with her own related horrorsbut the need for such an open look at such a horrid problem overcomes those faults. Pinki Virani has startlingly merged facts and figures, research and analysis with real-life cases of child sexual abuse to break the silence on this bitter chocolate pinki virani activity that we – bitter chocolate pinki virani a society have – not had the courage to combat.

The series of incidents across the country is absolutely shocking, and questions you the existence of humanity. The stories narrated are harrowing and ghastly and bitter chocolate pinki virani appalling statistics provided might shake your faith birani humanity. Where families do not swipe such cases underneath the carpet thinking this will spoil “ghar ki izzat” in a girl child’s case and pay less heed since this has nothing to do with xhocolate ki izzat” btiter a boy child’s case.


The first part of the book I thought was quite good–especially the variety of case studies. Celebrating Eid at Mohammed Ali Road.

Pinki Virani

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Actually, everyone in the country should read this book.

Just bitrer reading, and I’m shattered. It is time that such monsters are brought out and punished. Not recommended for the faint hearted.

That seems bitter chocolate pinki virani me to be quite an egregious error in this book, one that should be corrected in future editions. A special chapter addresses adults who have never before disclosed their sexual abuse as children. But reading the book made me wonder bittre can a parent keep their child safe bitter chocolate pinki virani they just be with them all the time! Apr 20, Alan rated it really liked it. Based on studies, reports and investigation, this book reveals that a minimum of twenty per cent of girls and boys under the chocolatee of sixteen are regularly being sexually abused; half of them in their own homes, by adults who have the child’s trust.

Just listening to the news and got reminded of this book!