Site dedicated to English translations of authentic, unmodified versions of lectures and other works given by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). Wheat is an excellent food. Eating it frequently can give you its specific properties : gentleness, patience, spirituality, a predisposition towards sacrifice. Deunov, also known to Bulgarians by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, was a philosopher, musician and spiritual teacher who developed a.

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One hundred thousand kilometres of such a wire how much space will occupy? Do you now know the names of the 19 stars of the first magnitude? Contact You can contact Christophorus on: The table of contents is further below – please scroll down to see it. Later he refers to terrestrial upheavals which indicate the occurrence of tremendous climatic and seismic effects.

There could be advanced beings that know the Earth as it is today, but they are a few. In the lectures, of which there are over extant, the Master bestowed upon humanity the True philosophy – the original Teaching of Jesus Christ given years ago. Adapted from lines like …? These three characters in the zodiac represent a triad that is repeated four times during the year. On them live advanced beings.

Thankyou, Adam PS — if it is bad news. One geinsa only regret that few of them has been translated into English. Please donate to the Starburst Foundation to help support the research and dounp postings that appear on Etheric. You, with all the good that you have, sit and discourage. They represent 12 natural forces that control and govern all creatures. This question, which now Germans, Russians, Brits solve, it will be resolved – nothing of them will remain.

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The image right of the table of contents is a reproduction of a work detail by Hans Memling c. Until now, astronomers do not know why. After 2, years to check ebinsa veracity of my words.

The English Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) Home Page

The fundamental aim of this web page is to present in English translation the pure, unmodified Word of veinsa Master Peter Deunov Beinsa Douno. If people have had developed sense of intuition they could enter in direct contact with these rational creatures from the other worlds.

But the consequences, we have them. What astrologers call a “harmonic combination” is the moment when the evil in the world cannot give up. These are tasks that can be transmitted to a modern language. What would you say then? You think to get married, or to be appointed a professor somewhere, to give you some important work or to get a service, or you are getting ready to bury someone.

These stories and memoirs, while predominantly anecdotal in their historical accuracy, offer a glimpse of life around the Master through the eyes of various people, and contain many points for reflection, whether amusing or serious. Finally, the number 19 already has nine.


“Astrology” by Beinsa Douno

Eating wheat germ in the winter to support the heart is very beneficial, even in serious cases, but you must be sure to chew it well. Nature has a different way of counting time.

It is considered the first annual convention of what later became a spiritual community that lasted until the end of Deunov’s life. Essene wisdom to apply to your life today: Some things are true and some are not. Here I report some preliminary results, as research is still ongoing. You have not studied them. The effect should be bensa the observer picks up from the movements, the thought or the idea they express.

You should not think that everything we talk about, we must understand. There are things that cannot be proven. The same could be said for the people. February 16, at 2: Be interested in the stars.

When love disappears, when disappears the one, the beina life, then appear all the painful conditions, then come the bad consequences, then will come the bad astrological aspects.