Other trademarks used throughout this manual are the property of their . How the Scanner’s Controls Are Represented in This Manual. The Uniden Bearcat BCT15X is the follow-up to Uniden’s premier analog mobile scanner, the manual for the radio is contained on a CD-ROM, in PDF format. View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf.

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Key Safe Mode – lets you hand the scanner to a novice user and prevent programming from being modified. Refer to the left illustration that follows, showing the Removal Keys. Enter the range 0. Last updated January 16, PRI flashes in the display when you select this mode.

Since you can only program one trunking system per bank in a traditional scanner, and let’s say you only have 10 banks, you can only store 10 trunking systems. To clear a character, press [. The scanner’s memory is organized in an architecture called Dynamic Allocated Channel memory.

Uniden BCT15X Scanner

Programming System Settings Then, select the system type: Yes – the scanner immediately returns to the control channel when it detects the end code. If the frequency is already stored in the group, ‘ Frequency Exists Accept? Repeat for each block as needed and you will return to the ‘ Edit Sys Option ‘ menu. The default setting is no startup key.

Easier to Read BCTX Scanner Manual

The red light flashes once then stays on for a weather or Bear Tracker alert. Conventional Display Mode 2. Scroll to Auto56. To check for a repeater frequency press then press and hold 8 REV. Using Bear Tracker Scanning. Nothen MENU. This lets many users share a single frequency, and bcg15x interference caused by distant transmitters on the same channel. To access 1 search using the manuak search keys press then the search key 1 srch 12 srch 2or 3 srch 3 to start searching.


Although TV bands are listed, the scanner cannot decode digital TV audio. If you still cannot get satisfactory results while using your scanner or if you want additional information, please call or write the Uniden Parts and Service Division. Individual Channel Volume Offset – allows you to adjust the volume offset for each channel. Whenever the dispatcher transmits to any vehicle in the district, a mobile extender in every car within the district is activated.

On — the frequencies are attenuated. No] The scanner replaces the third line on the display with trunking activity indicators. For trunking systems, you have to create at least 1 ‘Site’ Motorola and EDACS only or multiple sites first that hold the trunking frequencies for each site. Use the worksheets below to help you plan your systems and groups.

Therefore, if someone hit their emergency button and their radio was on talk group 16, all communications would switch to talk group I have included links to other information in the Wiki not relevant to the operation of the scanner so you can still find the rest of the info such as specs, weather event codes, deciphering trunked systems, etc.

Make sure that the cable terminates in a female, 9-pin serial connector and you select the correct baud rate bps for the rear serial port. Pri – Close Call checks for frequencies every two seconds. With the tone out feature, the scanner monitors up to 10 different channels for paging tones two-tone sequential, single tone, and group tone.

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Quickly Storing an ID Note: To toggle the attenuation for a trunking site on or off Hold on the site and press then 7 ATT. Most people can get everything they scan into the scanner.

Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual

Once a system has been created, the system type cannot be changed. Then tap and then press [. When they are disabled, the icons disappears from the display. Press again to resume.

Set Delay Time this setting determines how long the scanner waits manuap a transmission ends before resuming Quick Search and Close Call Search operations. It is also recommended that you download and install the latest firmware upgrade for the scanners if you don’t have it.

Conventional systems have frequency groups and trunking systems have ID mannual. Note that the back port is male. Hold Mode ‘ HOLD ‘ shows in the display and allows you hold the sweep then scroll to and listen to a frequency.

Then see Creating Groups. Press to enter a hyphen when entering an ID while programming. Finally, many controls and keys behave differently depending on the mode your radio is in when you use the key or control.

Creating Groups Once you have your Systems built, systems options configured, trunking system Sites Createdand Site Options configured, you can create your groups.