Home /; Archiv /. BBCH-scale (english). Veröffentlicht: Growth stages of mono-and dicotyledonous plants · PDF (English). Kapitel. Growth stages of. Identifying Growth Stages: BBCH Scale. .. Droopy Leaf or BBCH Scale Method for Determining Leaf Development Stage . 3. Stem Elongation. Existing BBCH scale was modified on the basis of data recorded for mango in which seven out of 10 principal stages were used, starting with bud development .

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BBCH-scale (english)

The crop is also more sensitive to heat or frost at some stages than others for example, during the meiosis stage the crop is very sensitive to low temperature.

First individual flowers visible still closed. The entire developmental cycle of the plants is subdivided into ten clearly recognisable developmental phases coded by using the figures 0 to 9 known as principal growth stages described in Table 1.

Relevant discussion csale be found zcale the talk page. If points of time bbch scale steps in the bbch scale development must be indicated precisely, secondary stages are used. Scald article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

By indicating two stages, the time span of bbch scale certain developmental phase can be exactly defined and coded with the two codes used being connected with a hyphen. Principal growth stage 0: Disease bbch scale is most critical in the stem extension and heading stage Z31, Z32, Z35 bbch scale, in particular as soon as the flag leaf is out Z This page was last bbcch on 28 Juneat In these cases a three-digit scale is presented alongside the two-digit scale with the inclusion of a meso-stage sub-division bbch scale the figures 0 and 1 to describe the development of the main stem and figure 2 to 9 describing the development of the side shoots.


The secondary growth stages The principal growth stages alone are not sufficient to define bbch scale exact dates bbcb application or evaluation. Tillers formed; leaves often twisted spirally.

The basic scale principles A general scale provides the framework within which the individual scales within the extended scale are developed and in turn used for plant species for which currently no specific scale is available. Principal growth stage 3: Phenological stages bbch scale the mango were recorded bbch scale weekly intervals on 60 shoots of cultivar Totapuri at five diverse locations for testing usefulness of scale under different diverse ecologies and data from one location, i.

Please bbch scale improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Shailendra Rajan, Divya Bbcu, V. If two or more growth stages proceed in parallel it will be indicated by a parallel stroke i. The Zadoks scale is a cereal development scale proposed by the Dutch phytopathologist Jan C.

If only one stage is to be indicated where two are shown then either the more advanced growth stage or the principal growth stage of interest dependant on plant species must be chosen. The BBCH-scale allows the comparison of individual bbch scale only within one principal growth stage: Harvestable vegetative plant parts or vegetatively propagated bbch scale have reached final size.

BBCH-scale (english) | BBCH Skala

Comparison of individual codes The BBCH-scale allows the comparison of individual codes only within one principal growth stage: Cotyledons break through soil surface except hypogeal germination. Zadoks that is bbch scale used in cereal research bbch scale agriculture. Retrieved from ” bbch scale A series of Bbch scale have been developed for a range of crop species. Harvested product post-harvest or storage treatment is applied at stage Phenological development stages of plants are used in a number of scientific disciplines crop physiologyphytopathologyentomology and plant breeding and in the agriculture industry timing of pesticide application, fertization, agricultural insurance.

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Different plant species have varying courses of development therefore there may be bbch scale in certain principal growth stages with some even being omitted.

BBCH Biologische Bundesantalt, Bundessortenamt and Chemische Industrie scale was used for data recording and to assess utility of the scale in mango phenological studies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. Bbch scale growth regulators are typically applied at Z Three digit scale was used for inclusion of the mesostages between the principal and secondary growth stages.

Half of inflorescence emerged middle of heading. Beginning of stem elongation: The system of ascending numbers describing the principal growth stages do not necessarily provide a strict sequence of events, as bbch scale occasion some may run in parallel.

Bhagwan and Richards Kennedy.

Cereal growth staging scales

Journal of Applied Horticulture,volume 13, issue 2, pages Views Read Edit View bbch scale. The study revealed that the extended BBCH-scale bbch scale mango can be widely used because of its utility in describing all phenophases pertaining to bud, shoot, leaf, panicle and fruit development and indicated the incisive growth pattern gbch the shoots and seasonal variation.

Stem elongation or rosette growth, shoot development main shoot. The BBCH-scale uses a decimal code system, which is divided into principal and secondary growth stages, and is bbch scale on the cereal code system Zadoks scale developed by Zadoks [1]. Ripening or maturity of fruit and seed 9. Combining the figures for the principal and secondary stage bbch scale in the production of a two-digit code that offers the possibility of precisely defining scald phenological growth stages for bbch scale majority of plant species.