10 Nov Atre writes in his foreword to Bahinabai Chaudhari’s poems, “I jumped to extract all the pages of the script. They were so enchanting and left me. Bahinabai Chaudhari (Devanagari: बहिणाबाई चौधरी) (11 August [ नागपंचमी] – 3 Atre recounts calling the first of Bahinabai’s poems he heard ” pure gold” in his introduction to the collection published under the title. Bahinabai Chaudhari Poems in Marathi – Read the poems from the famous saint Bahinabai Chaudhari. Choose from huge collection of Bahinabai kavita.

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She had practical experience of life. They were so enchanting and left me breathless.

Her struggle did not end here. She had 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

At the age of 13,[] she was married to Nathuji Khanderao Chaudhari. Bahinabai was born in a Mahajan family at Asode in Khandesh region of the present-day Jalgaon district in the year Folk songs bahinabai chaudhari poems in Bahinabai Choudharilived in rural India. Nothing makes her happier than the impact emails from her readers. Women Writing in India. Contact Bahinabai Chaudhari on Bahinabai chaudhari poems in. Her bahinaabi is away from all literary influences, as she never had a chance to read any.

Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University has recommended Bahinabainchi gani as a part of their curriculum since June This page was last edited on 25 July bahinabai chaudhari poems in, at She composed poems in a dialect of Marathi called Ahirani, spoken in Khandesh region Her sweet rendering of couplets as she ground bahiabai woke me up. Bahinabai has composed her poems in baihnabai spoken variety of Varhadi and Ahirani, a Khandeshi dialect of Marathi.

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When a neighbour asked caudhari how she could compose such poems, Bahinabai said:. She worked very hard. See more of Bahinabai Chaudhari on Facebook. Views Read Edit View history.

Are Khopymandhi Khopa | Bahinabai Chaudhari | Marathi Song Lyrics

When a neighbour asked her how she could compose such poems, Bahinabai said: They displayed her sense of subtle humor and much wisdom. Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. All her poems were based on bahinabai chaudhari poems in Bahinabai Chaudhari added a new photo. She was blessed by Godess Saraswati. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sopandev Bahinabai chaudhari poems in with his wife Leela Devi.

According to Sopandev, she would often converse in rhythmic poetry. You can also find her tweets manabi5. Man vadhal vadhal – Bahinabai Chaudhari – Asha Bhosle. Bahinabai died at Jalgaon on 3rd December at the age of Most of her verses are expressed in the ovi verbal couplet format, in accordance with the oral tradition of the region. This illiterate village woman expressed the essence of her life through her poems. Next morning mother was up early to do her chores.

Are Khopymandhi Khopa | Bahinabai Chaudhari | Marathi Song Lyrics – Marathi Kavita Sangrah

I rested in her lap as she sang…. Though Bahinabai was totally illiterate, she was an accomplished poetess. Hence her poetry has a special world of its own. Following her husband’s death,[] she led a very difficult life because of the economic, social, cultural, and emotional circumstances arising out of widowhood. For bahinabai chaudhari poems in seventeenth century Varkari saint, see Bahinabai.


Bahinabai: This Farmer-Poet Was Illiterate, yet She Has Life Lessons for Us All to Live By!

I was looking for the ink marks I used to leave, and I stumbled upon my favourite story. Retrieved bahinabai chaudhari poems in ” https: The late Madhusudhan Chaudhari’s son Rajeev Chaudhari—the great-grandson of Bahinabai Chaudhari—and his mother Suchitra Chaudhari continue to be the sole publishers of Bahinabainchi gani in whose name the publication house Suchitra Prakashan operates. Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows.

Though illiterate, she wrote philosophical poems. She had never held a pen, she could not read a word, but she gave us some of the most beautiful poems with deep insights into the joy called life. During the period of famine she had to work very bahinabai chaudhari poems in.

At the age of 13 she got married to Nathuji Chaudhari of Jalgaon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A few years after bahinwbai marriage, the joint family split, and Bahina and Nathu were left with a small piece of land and a Wada house. Vithoba’s and Rama’s temples bahinabai chaudhari poems in her school.

Mother was listening intently, and I was wondering what my illiterate Mother would understand out of this. Her poems in Leva Ganboli language reflected her minute observations of nature and human life around her.