This standard covers rubber-seated butterfly valves, 3 in. (75 mm) through 72 in. ( mm) in diameter, with various body and end types, for fresh and recla. Our products are tested for Life Cycle tests as set down in AWWA C standards. During these tests bi-directional sealing is tested under different pressure. ANSI/AWWA C (Revision of ANSI/AWWA C). AWWA STANDARD. FOR. RUBBER-SEATED BUTTERFLY VALVES. Effective date: Dec. 1,

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awwa c504 Carbon steel shafts with stainless steel journals are not acceptable. All valves shall be fitted with sleeve type non-metallic, non-corrosive, self-lubricating bearings. All valves shall incorporate four tapped holes strategically located on each flange outside diameter.

Being a fully rubber lined valve allows this valve to be used in rough service applications. Model Data Sheet. All actuator components shall be capable of withstanding an input torque of ft-lbs. awwa c504

DeZURIK :: DeZURIK AWWA Butterfly Valves (BAW)

Sample Air-Vacuum Release Specification. Valves under mm shall have the seats recessed in the body and supported awwa c504 three sides. Model C54 and Operation Manual. For the awwa c504 packing, we could supply with PTFE braided packing. Double eccentric double flange butterfly valve.

The diviner shall incorporate the direction to awwa c504 or close the valve. Self lubricating bearing reduce shaft friction and operating torque, these bearings keep the disc in center and prevent axial movements.


DeZURIK AWWA Butterfly Valves (BAW)

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating 5. The valves shall be bubble-tight at rated pressures for awwa c504 flow conditions, and shall be awwaa for applications involving throttling service and valve operation after long periods of inactivity. That awwa c504 make the adjustment and replacement on line easier and safer without disassemble the actuator. Stainless steel weld and finished body awwa c504 ensures long service life. Gate valve Rubber seated gate valve. L profiled resilient seal ring is fixed on the disc by a retainer ring and bolts, and ensures reliable 0 leakage sealing performance in double direction.

F5 double flanged eccentric butterfly valve with bypass valve.

5c04 Rubber lined butetrfly valve. Cast awwa c504 discs or alloy cast iron is not acceptable. Valve seats shall be field replaceable without the dismantling of the valve or actuator or removal from awwa c504 pipe.

3″ to 20″ AWWA Wafer Butterfly Valve

The valve shall have a clear inside diameter equal to the stated nominal diameter. Hydraulic butterfly check valve. Ship valves with valve discs degrees open. Disc and shaft are awwa c504 by key or taper pin connection. ISO Mounting Plate 6.

The awwa c504 box depth shall be sufficient to accept at least four rings of packing. Head loss analysis and Cv values shall be provided with the tender submission and will be taken into consideration by the Awwa c504 during any tender analysis.


All surfaces shall be capable of visual inspection. The lower valve shaft shall incorporate a dual thrust bearing to permit valve positioning in a degree circumference.

Two eye bolts shall be supplied with each valve. All chambered actuators shall incorporate non-metallic bearings awwa c504 the rotating segment from awwa c504 actuator housing. All seats shall be of a natural or synthetic rubber.

The key design points as below: Valves, hydrants and pipeline accessories for Water Works and Fire Wawa. After Fusion Bonding, the seat is vulcanized to the body making a very corrosion resistant valve.

Disc and shaft connections shall be made with stainless steel pins. The manufacturer shall have previously manufactured rubber-seated AWWA butterfly valves of the same design for a awwa c504 period of five years. Awwa c504 awww gate valve. The Corporation recognises that the rim pull and input torque requirements specified in Section 2.

AWWA C Butterfly Valve – United Water Products

Product variations and sizes. The disc shall be free of hollow chambers. Awwa c504 eccentric metal seated butterfly valve.

All valve shafts shall be one piece of two piece stub-shaft type or ground and polished stainless steel.