Tables 54A / 6A and 54B / 6B are really the same tables. • Tables 6A obtained from API MPMS Ch. , the Adjunct to ASTM D, or the Adjunct to IP Flow-Cal is the worldwide distributor of the latest API MPMS Ch. standard. or Microsoft Windows-based application designed to calculate the VCF tables. 31 Jul The volume correction tables to be used are those known to be . API chapter Table 54B (mean density), API chapter M.

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However, due to the nature of the changes in this revised Standard, it is recognized that guidance concerning an implementation period may be needed in order to avoid disruptions within the industry and ensure proper application.

Tabl and Gas Journal, Vol. They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. Top Categories Terms of Use. Inkley, Oil and Gas Journal, Vol. For the metric edition the new standard covers products with densities in the range api chapter 11.1 table 54b Visit FileOpen to see the full list.

However, if the pressure is one chxpter the standard pressure then there is no pressure correction and this Standard will give values for a correction for the effect of temperature on liquid CTL consistent with the Tables. This bulletin communicates the policy and outlines the procedures for the manual correction of measured liquid volumes to equivalent volumes at reference conditions.

Conceptual Departure A chaptr conceptual departure from previous versions api chapter 11.1 table 54b inherent in the recognition of the present and future position of computers in the petroleum industry.

Price and Buy this Standard View Pricing. The tables for densities below this range, covering liquefied petroleum gases, have not been revised. Since that time, the demand on manufacturers for this equipment has subsided and prices are more competitive.


This publication serves as a basis for standardized calculations of measured quantities of petroleum fluids regardless of point of origin, destination, or units of measure used by custom or statute.

In view of the progress of api chapter 11.1 table 54b in countries formerly using the British system of weights and measures, demand for the revision of the British edition does not justify the considerable work involved.

API M Stream Density

Monitoring of the marketplace has shown that the procedures set out in this bulletin have not been universally applied, thereby resulting in inaccurate trade measurement and potential fraud.

Full Description Provides the algorithm and api chapter 11.1 table 54b procedure for the correction of temperature and pressure effects on density and volume of liquid hydrocarbons which fall within the categories of crude oil, refined products, or lubricating oils.

However, the use of API standards remains voluntary and the decision on when to utilize a standard is an issue that is subject to the negotiations between the parties involved in the transaction. The standardization of an implementation procedure implies the standardization of the set of mathematical expressions, including calculational sequence and round-off procedures, used within the computer code.

It shall also state the reference density used, the mean temperature, the gross meter xpi and the api chapter 11.1 table 54b chapted quantity. Including the pressure correction in Ch.

DC, Downer, L. The result of this program was precise density data on different fluids representing a wide variety of refined products and The purpose of api chapter 11.1 table 54b 2 was to set a date api chapter 11.1 table 54b which the practise of manual temperature compensation will not be allowed.

It shall also state the reference pressure used, the reference density used, the mean temperature, mean pressure as well as the net and gross meter registrations. It is impossible to single out any specific individuals for special mention. You can change your cookie settings through your browser. However, such corrections or conversions must be api chapter 11.1 table 54b using proper and prescribed methods in order to ensure an accurate statement of the net quantity.


The overall objective of this effort was to meet the worldwide need for a uniform and authoritative publication, based on the most accurate information available. Hence, the published implementation procedures are the primary Standard, the distributed subroutines are the secondary standard, and the published tables are produced for convenience.

Mitigate liability and better understand compliance regulations Boost efficiency: An application for this purpose is defined as the point where the calculation is applied. Correction factors for the effect of pressure C pl on propane liquid volume Source: If the temperature is to be manually determined, the contents of section 3 of this bulletin apply. Natural gas liquids and liquefied petroleum gases are excluded from consideration in this Standard see Ch.

API 11.2.1M Stream Density

api chapter 11.1 table 54b Speed up research, capture and reuse expertise For additional product chapte, visit the IHS Standards Expert page. Acknowledgments The task of completing this project could not have been accomplished without many substantial contributions by a considerable number of individuals and companies.

The edition of this Standard revised Standard was effective on the date of publication and supersedes the previous edition of the Standard s.

Krolikowski Buck, and F P Gielzecki. The task of completing this project could not have been accomplished without many substantial contributions by a considerable number of individuals and companies. A special application category is also provided which provides volume correction based on the input of an experimentally derived coefficient of thermal expansion.