As the US prepares to wage a new kind of war, Arundhati Roy challenges the instinct for vengeance. The Algebra of Infinite Justice has ratings and 98 reviews. Manu said: For a few years now, I have heard everyone – from sections of media to peopl. Buy The Algebra of Infinite Justice 5th by Arundhati Roy (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Writing the world’s wrongs

One country’s terrorist is too often another’s freedom fighter. Anger is the lock pick. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat Dropping more bombs on Afghanistan will only shuffle the rubble, scramble some old graves and disturb the dead.

I don’t agree with some of her opinions, and need to verify some of the mindboggling data she provides, but I must admit that I admire her albebra and power of penning those uncomfortable questions in poetic manner that have the potential to unsettle the firm. You can help Wikipedia by aruundhati it.

How many dead mujahideen for each dead investment banker? Therefore, it would be foolish to expect this talk of guns and oil and defence deals to get any real play in the media Well lemme put it in her own words, in one of her essays ‘the end of i This book has probably, some of the best collection of essays, I have ever eoy. This makes it nearly impossible for us to tell exactly or even approximately how many millions of people are suffering from the results of dam construction.


But is war the best way to track them down? Will my love come home tonight?

The algebra of infinite justice | US news | The Guardian

Her writing is clear and concise, yet infniite emotionally charged. Someone please break the news that Afghanistan is already there. No democracy is perfect, it is like a marriage and you need daily adjustments but such adjustments can be done when they’re appealed at some point of time, this book is that appeal.

And second, to assume that The Enemy’s motives are what the US government says they are, and there’s nothing to support that either. When it began, it was meant to be the Soviet Union’s Vietnam.

The Algebra of Infinite Justice – Arundhati Roy – Google Books

However, it will be a pity if, instead of using this as an opportunity to try to understand why September 11 happened, Americans use it as an opportunity to usurp the whole world’s sorrow to mourn and avenge only their own.

But time and again she calls on us to notice the evils done in the name of development and national security. In America there has been rough talk of “bombing Afghanistan back to the stone age”. The rank and file of the mujahideen were unaware that their jihad was actually being fought on behalf of Uncle Sam.

Few of us doubt that its military presence in the Gulf has little to do with its concern for human rights and almost entirely to do inifnite its strategic interest in oil The book discusses several perspectives of global and local concerns, among them one being the abuse of Nuclear bomb showoffs.


It slips through customs unnoticed.

This article about a book on nuclear technology is a stub. A must read for people trying understand the Narmada issue amongst others. There are accounts of hobbling stampedes that occur when artificial limbs are airdropped into remote, inaccessible villages.

It closed down girls’ schools, dismissed women from government jobs, enforced Sharia laws in which women deemed to be ‘immoral’ are stoned to death, and widows guilty of being adulterous are buried alive. Sahitya Akademi Award for English. Mar 07, Shabbeer Hassan rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is a collection of her essays on topics which range from Nuclear wars to State orchestrated terrorism.

They have fought the most wars, account for most of the genocide, subjection, ethnic cleansing and human rights violations in modern history, and have sponsored, armed and financed untold numbers of dictators and despots.

Both are engaged in unequivocal political crimes. In the current atmosphere of grief, outrage and anger, it’s an easy notion to peddle. Its not a fiction.