The Work performed under this Contract has been reviewed and found, to the Construction Manager’s and Architect’s best knowledge, information and belief. ~AIA Document G~ — Certificate of Substantial Completion. PROJECT: (Name and address). PROJECT NUMBER: OWNER l~. RURAL DEVELOPMENT ATTACHMENT TO. AIA DOCUMENT G “ CERTIFICATION OF SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION”. CURRENT EDITION. Project.

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Aiw form indicates that the date of issuance and the date of substantial completion are the same. Check to be sure the designated portion of the project is clearly indicated. In some cases, the process has been manipulated to show an excessive amount of required RFIs, such as 16 identical RFIs for a reoccurring condition on each floor of a multi-story building, and this exaggerated and documet data is used in contractor claims against the architect.

Attendees should take notes in all meetings. This information is provided as a member service and neither the Author nor the AIA Trust is rendering legal advice.

Substantial and Final Completion. The number and frequency of site visits agreed upon should be conducted in accordance with the focument of the services contract.

Definition of Certificate of Substantial Completion

This discussion of payment certifications will address the use of the AIA certificate for payment form and its content. Untimely or negligent change order management by the contractor presents an opportunity for the use of a Request for Information submitted by the owner or the architect.


List all known owner accepted nonconforming work. Use an enclosure letter or letter of transmittal when sending certification to owner. Also, the form indicates, A list of items to be completed or corrected is attached hereto.

Also, the form indicates. It is also important to clearly indicate the portion of the project that is being addressed by the certificate.

Change Processing Discussion Summary: Certify is defined as, …to authenticate or verify in writing. Request for Information Discussion Summary: Contractors have always had questions and required clarifications of the design intent expressed in the contract documents. This will avoid the inadvertent omission of a portion of the project in the event documfnt area is overlooked or disputed. Certificate s of Substantial Completion —Certifications for substantial and final completion were addressed ala The Handbook of Architectural Practice in the early 20th century with no form or prescribed format published.

Payments to the Contractor. By the early s the Request for Information came into use. Discuss submittals in the Preconstruction Conference.

Log and track RFIs independently from the contractor. A list of known owner-accepted nonconforming work should be maintained by the architect throughout construction.

7g04 and track submittals independently from the contractor. The architect should consult with legal counsel for assistance since project conditions vary.

Moreover, when an engineer docunent directly with an owner, it becomes the Engineer of Record for its portion of the work, and accordingly it should issue a separate certificate of substantial completion independently for its record services. The architect may choose to conduct the Preconstruction Conference.


Site Visits Site visits are typically necessary for determining conformance of the completed work to the requirements of the contract documents, and the AIA General Conditions require, The Architect will visit the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction, or as otherwise agreed with the Owner.

Docukent architect should be invited to these meetings. The types and number of meetings play a significant role in the exchange of information necessary to complete the construction process. Since the pricing for changed work already under contract is in most cases not competitively bid, disputes can arise alleging the changed work was excessively priced.

It may be helpful to define each portion of the project in advance to prevent overlap or omissions. All meetings should be reported in writing.

AIA Document G and G CMa G Form G G Software

Check state regulatory requirements for required site visits. Certification of Payment —Architects have been certifying payments to contractors since the AIA documents were created in the early 20th century, and a certificate of payment was published by the AIA for this purpose.

Payment Certifications Discussion Summary: Owner Accepted Nonconforming Work —Another housekeeping item that deserves attention is the list of owner accepted nonconforming work.