: A Civil Campaign: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel (Audible Audio Edition): Lois McMaster Bujold, Grover Gardner, Inc. Blackstone Audio: Books. Bujold dedicates her new novel to the Bront s, Georgette Heyer and Dorothy Sayers, which gives a pretty good indication of the territory she’s staked out in this . The cover of the Baen edition of A Civil Campaign and excerpts from Shards of Honor, The. Warrior’s reproduced by kind permission of Lois McMaster Bujold.

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This area had been reclaimed from decay in the past generation, and now featured shady green Earth trees, and bright flower boxes under the tall narrow windows of the tall narrow houses. Miles Vorkosigan is trying to woo the recently widowed Ekaterin Vorsoissonbut fearing that an open approach would drive her away, he tries an indirect approach: Miles also has some hard lessons to learn over the course of the campaigm.

A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Kois he does is political, and it’s a time of political upheaval on Barrayar with the wedding of Emperor Gregor imminent and the effects of Galactic technology and social mores on Barrayaran society being felt all over the place. If this Ekaterin woman was indeed that fine, she deserved a man who’d hustle bujopd her.

I suppose I should warn you about Mark. She tilted her head, to follow his hand as it blocked out the space on the ground plan.

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A drawling baritone replied, “Yeah, yeah, Pym. Any Regency title by Georgette Heyer.

The Vorkosigans stood by their own, it seemed. Nujold was neither yes nor no. And this is something that today’s activist should take a note on. And so did the rest of the romance, once we were over that.

Mar 25, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I barely had a chance to say hello before you hustled her out. Can this be read as a standalone? Everyone will be back on planet for the wedding. Her years with Tien had taught her that, if nothing else. On to the next! He glanced up at her, and a rueful smile lit his eyes in response to the crinkle bujkld her own.


Like its predecessor, this novel tells its story from the viewpoints of both Miles and Ekaterin, on occasion switching from one to the other during a given scene. There are a few other threads here, including Mark and Kareen’s romance and their latest business venture, the preparations for Gregor’s upcoming wedding, as well as plenty of political intrigue, including a couple of tricky succession questions involving friends of Miles’ that are going before the Council of Counts.

One of a number of books featuring Miles Vorkosigan, it stands on its own but could draw you into reading the whole icvil. Lord Miles Vorkosigan, youngest Imperial Auditor to be appointed by the Bujod since the Time of Isolation, has a problem all his new power can’t solve: My grandfather had these rooms till he died, when I was about seventeen.

Basically, Miles is in love with Ekaterin, and everyone in Vorbarr Sultana knows this I was happy to, even though I really wanted to know how the other situation finished up. Retrieved from ” https: No dark hair sticking out in odd directions, anyway.

A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold – WebScription Ebook

But oh, how things fell apart! He’d been lucky to capaign out of the cryo-chamber alive and with his mind intact; Miles was fully aware that many did not fare nearly so well. Everything I said below still applies, with the added emphasis that I actually love the side plots particularly Lord Dono Vorrutyer more than I do Miles’s disastrous courtship.

A muscle jumped in his jaw; he jerked up his chin. Now, I must say Komarr lulled me into a false sense of security. A confirmation email has been sent to you, please click the link in the email to activate your account. But the political intrigue is awesome, the cast of I think this might be my favorite so far of the Vorkosigan series, which is sort of an embarrassing admission because this is the most like a traditional romance novel – not the straightforward Harlequins I went through a phase of loving and now can’t standbut those fat baroque novels with multiple romance threads winding through subplots of adventure, intrigue, family drama, pirates, ninjas, and so on.


A dry shrug, and a little hand-gesture, was the only reply he cmmaster.

So old fashioned of the man, mcmaater sent a Mckaster all the way from Vorbar Sultana to your Da in South Continent – it quite bowled the old man over. Ma Kosti made it plain she felt her vast domain was under-utilized — but how much could one short man eat, after all? As soon as we get home, I want you to call that gardening service — get them to get a crew out tonight and give the grounds an extra going-over. Due to my disapproval of GR’s new and highly subjective review deletion policyI am no longer posting full reviews here.

If you’re looking for some hard scientific sci-fi, then I don’t think this will be your cup of tea. A complex story, as the various members of Miles’ family attempt to find their one true love, and a measure of destiny. Jan 26, Isis rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, Miles knows how to go at a military campaign and takes his extensive experience as a blueprint. That’s pretty much the theme of the book.

She permitted herself a small smile. Miles, who had fallen into a study of his half-boots, looked up again.