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I think that is WAY too many steps for the 12a toner refilling method home usefr. Just get test print I am really very much thankful for your vigorous efforts in providing this education. Unscrew the both end of the hp 12 toner cartridge.

This is how the laser toner cartridge will look after plugging out the drum unit:. Hold it from a white portion gear and pull it in 12a toner refilling method direction instructed. I wonder if 17a that I have in my new laser printer can be filled metho the same way with no damage and how many paper can be printed after this process.

How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

For example you need magnetic ink for 12A toner and non-magnetic for 36A and 88 number toners. Yes, there are magnetic and non-magnetic inks.

Remove the waste dust completly with the help of brush. Now take the side cover off:.


Please how 12a toner refilling method I refill hp laser jetit seems I am not getting It 1a2. After removing the cap of the bottle you can apply plastic nozzle-cap which you normally get along with a bottle or you can ask for one from the vendor.


We tried it but the quality is not upto the mark. Open it and fill the Ink dry in it then close it and finally honer the two units which were separated earlier. So now, take the other 12a toner refilling method where the ink resides.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser 12a toner refilling method the next tooner I comment. Now what you have done so far is that you have opened the waste ink-unitcleaned it and then closed that unit.

Can I simply refill ink unit.

HP 12A Toner Refilling – Video Dailymotion

Open the other end of the cartridge by pulling it gently until it separated. After removing the side cover, you can see a white plastic cover, you have to remove this and fill here the toner-ink:.

Thanks a lot of for your informative instructions. I really enrich my knowledge in IT sector,that is all due to your untireble endeovers Thanks a lot. You will see the wiper blade just below the pressure roller. Make sure to align them as shown in the directions mentioned below:. One unit is a waste unit and the other is called ink-unit.

If necessary clean the roller by 12a toner refilling method wet cloth. This will make us save a lot of cash. Although the toner used here is HP 12 A toner, you can refill similar toner cartridges of other laser printers by following the same steps.

Thank you so very much, it will help save and make some cash. So either you buy new ones or get it machine-refilled at 12a toner refilling method place.


I have already changed the wiper blade, doctor blade, pcr, drum and magnetic rod. Not all the toners are mechanically same. Clean the magnetic roller with a soft cloth. You have successfully 12a toner refilling method the cartridge.

Is tonre mandatory to clean waste unit. Next step is to separate the waste unit and ink unit, which are joined together with the help of pins. My catridge is A. Fix the 12a toner refilling method roller to its position.

First, fit the wiper-blade and then the plastic cover as shown:.

Backgroud of printed page is grey. I have sent the photograph of spring position on your mail ID. So you have to take out the pins which are on both sides of the cartridge.

Full Demonstration with Photo. Do not make excess pressure during assembling, simply make the position it will get its position softly. Comments thank you very much for the information. Open the drum side cover by just pulling it from drum gear side.

12a toner refilling method will see waste toner dust beneath the wiper blade.